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Mixin’ It Up: DJ Tuco

Feb 20 2009


Friday and time for another Mixin’ It Up, this time we’re going to Brazil for some baile funk via British born but currently residing in Prague DJ Tuco. He recently spent a month in Rio and he picked up some tunes. Enjoy!

“Hi, my name’s DJ Tuco, I’m from a pretty dull place in England called Reading (Does It Offend You Yeah?, Ricky Gervais, Kate Winslet) where I grew up on a diet of house music and Hip hop, I’ve been DJing and promoting parties since the mid – late 90’s. I’ve also lived in Italy and and the last few years i’ve been in Prague which is wicked. Alongside DJ Quime we promote the infamous Dutty Weekend parties…Be sure to check out them out if you are ever round these parts.

I recently spent a month in Rio where I hooked up with a lot of people and had a blast, during my time there I picked up a lot of music mainly Baile Funk so I decided to throw a mix together. The hardest part was going though all the CD’s finding the playable stuff as the quality of the tracks over there wasn’t great, Most of this took place on a 10 hour car journey from Italy to Prague that almost sent my brother over the edge (mentally), next up was IDing the tracks (also a difficult task) then of course the fun part of mixing them. I don’t claim to be a Baile Funk expert, this is just a personal choice of music I thought was cool, if you want to know more check out these great blogs Soundgoods & Rio Baile Funk… So turn your heating up full, turn the volume up so its distorting and you have to shout to communicate with your flat mate, grab a warm whisky and red bull, sit back and enjoy!”

DJ Tuco – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle (Sharebee)

MC Gi – Karma Sutra (Produced by DJ Edgar)

Anyone who has met Edgar will tell you he’s one of the nicest guys you could meet, we tours europe regularly and is well worth booking, before I left Rio he gave me a lot of his own production so he features heavily on this mix, which isn’t a bad thing because the quality is high and he’s one of the best out there!

DJ Sandrinho – Parapapa

Sandrinho shouldn’t need any introduction on these pages, one of the biggest names in Funk.

Lady Gaga – Just Dance (DJ Edgar Remix)

Edgar with another classic Montagem (Remix) the beckies on their year out in Prague love this…

Dino E Fu – Aquecimento Do Buffalo

This track translates to something like “warming up to buffalo” Buffalo Bill is referenced a lot in funk and would love to know why… I guess its something to do with the sample…

Putaria – Track 18

No it all gets a it strange, I bought a CD outside a Baile I went to with Gringo, they sold CD’s of Putaria (a word for sexually explicit funk), the CD itself cost one Reais… I did enjoy asking for “1 pack of cigarettes, 1 beer and CD of Putaria” needles to say there was no track list or artwork, just a CDR in a paper case. This is one of the few tracks from the CD without annoying drops every few seconds. If you can ID it I would be really grateful.

Putaria – Frog

From the same CD, its not actually called frog, I just tagged it that, it will become obvious why, again an ID would be sweet, Im sure I heard this quite a bit out there…

Pras Novinha Safada – Relaxa Na Pica

This is a dope track, I also like it because in Czech it would translate loosely to “relax on c**t” no idea what the it means in Portuguese.

????? – Mini Game

Dj Google tells me this montagem seems to have been made by quite a few people but I believe this could be another one of Edgar’s because the sound quality is actually very good, simple but great track, initial crowd reaction in Europe is usually one of bemusement!

DJ Vinicius – Delicia

Again another big track, this isn’t the original, the quality was just too bad, the Delicia sample is another one thats heavily used.

DJ Edgar & DJ Lendrao – Destination

Those horns again, given the Carioca treatment they sound as fresh as ever.

M (thats all I could get) – Cornetinha Fodoska da Vila Alianca

Crazily infectious, you’ll be humming this for hours after hearing, providing you’ve made it this far!

MC Bolinho & DJ Woody – Buffalo Bill

Ol’ Buffalo Bill rears his head again, I think this is the original “Buffalo Bill”, could be wrong, its a huge track though. you can sing along to this track “buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo, bill bill bill bill”

Tigrao – Uma Por Uma (Dj’s Dinho e Fu)

Tigrao not sure if this is linked to Bonde Do Tigrao or not but I love the sample of the kid (or woman with a squeaky voice), you get that a lot in funk… again I wish I knew what they were saying, I guess its know different to Czechs listening to Dancehall though!

Corneto Da Putaria

Unfortunately this track is pretty bad quality but it had to be included, it ticks all the boxes, shouty chorus, kids screaming some questionable beat boxing etc etc…

DJ Edgar Feat: Million Stylez

I like the break down in the middle of this track it kind of reminds me of a Funk version of a Scottie B track or something.

MC Gringo Feat: Amazing Clay – Berimbal

Ok, I had this track long before I went out to Rio but if I wouldn’t have met Gringo I wouldn’t have seen or heard half the stuff I did, so I wanted to include a track of his on here, amazing Clay is one of the original Funk Dj’s and also a great producer

Alex DJ MPC – Aquecimento Do Globo

I woke up on someone’s couch after a heavy drinking session at about 9 am and was woken up by this tune, my first reaction was to scramble around for my phone then I realized that it was coming from a car parked a few roads over, they must’ve have played it 3 or 4 times over the next couple of hours, then I just seemed to hear it every where! Very simple but a big big tune…