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Mixin’ It Up: Bok Bok

Mar 13 2009


We’ve been meaning to get Alex Sushon AKA Bok Bok – dj/producer/graphic designer who’s one of the budding names in the UK dance music scene, responsible for the Night Slugs radio show/parties in London and generally one of the nicest dudes we’ve encountered – to do a mix for us for some time but since we’re all busy it took a little while to get it finalized. But we can tell you that it’s definetely been worth the wait, Bok Bok comes correct with an absolutely smashing mix where every single track is stellar.

“For my installment of Mixing It Up, I wanted to give you guys a taste of where the Night Slugs sound is at right now. 2009 has been amazing so far, people are more open-minded than ever, sets are diverse and suddenly it feels like anything is possible.

As a DJ my aim is to gather tracks from a wide range of sources, scenes and styles and make them all work together in a riddim-y, dutty uk soundsystem / pirate conext. I’m originally a grime head, but the emergence of the UK Funky scene has got me looking for that raw percussive momentum and bass energy in all sorts of strange places.

To guarantee that rolling pirate style, this mix was recorded live on the decks (as I’m sure you’ll hear!). I recommend listening on a night drive / while cycling, or running, preferably at night, and if you’re listening at home turn up your sub!”

Bok Bok – Discobelle Mix, March 2009 (Sharebee)

1. Riva Starr – War Drums

An out-of-character tune for Riva Starr, all minimal nail-biting toms, this is the perfect ‘oh no it’s gon happen! ‘ intro.

2. Karizma – Outta Control

UK Funky hits like Donaeo’s Party Hard have got us drawing for the Defected and Strictly Rhythm back catalogs, and digging up things like this haunted riddim by Karizma. I love the brass section!

3. Essy & Vibes – Dream On

Tunes like this are the reason I like to call the new UK House movement ‘Grime in Disguise’. Tropical bass!

4. Perason Sound – Wad

This was made by a certain house and techno-infused producer of twisted dubstep – guess who. Banging broken, twitchy house with a big gutter sub. I can’t stop playing this one at the moment.

5. Martin Kemp – No Charisma

I’m sort of responsible for the title of this track – it’s a funny-ish story that I won’t tell here. This twilight riddim with the heavy kwaito pitchbending synth line was produced by Martin Kemp, the brother of badderman DJ Brackles, and is forthcoming on the later’s label.

6. Gregor Salto – Just For Fun (Bok Bok’s edit ft. Hawatha

The vocal on this track comes from Hawatha, a Texas rapper that my friend Prince William is working with at Krispee Ones studios. Out to the TX connection.

7. L-Vis 1990 – Run

This L-Vis dubplate is a current personal favourite of mine. He makes it seem so easy!

8. Emvee – Glitch Dub

The drop on this tune is devastating! UK house at it’s most cantankerous.

9. Wizzbit – Jam Nite

Wizzbit is the alias of garage>grime>funky godfather Geeneus. He’s worked a lot of styles over the years but despite Jam Nite dating back to 2003 the insane bruckout drums and the huge bassline in this tune sound more relevant than ever. Definitely one of my favourite grime classics.

10. Karizma – Darqness

If you’re driving to this mix like I recommended, this is when your vehicle takes flight. Jackin’ celestial merkery from Karizma.

11. Sarantis ft Warrior Queen – More Than Money (Starkey remix)

Starkey transforms Warrior Queen’s pining ballad for the ‘boys dem’ into a cyborg hypergrime tribute to sweet love.

12. Spooky – Got Myself Together Riddim

Spooky is king of grime bootlegs, and this is no exception. The sweet vocal hook is swiped from a classic uk garage track and twisted into Spooky’s signature carnival style.

13. Diplo & Laidback Luke – Hey! (L-Vis 1990 remix)

I love the original of this tune too, but also love how L-Vis made it sound really immersive and disorientating.

14. Zomby – Entropy

Fresh from the ever-mutating Zomby – alien, crunked-up house/grime/dubstep.

15. Joe – Rut

Rut is forthcoming on the amazing Hessle Audio, and you can tell straight away when you hear it. A beautifully executed, lush and percussive garage-dubstep track with a unique celestial warmth.

16. Lil Silva – Get Wid This

We Night Slugs are big Lil Silva fans. His decidedly grimey take on UK Funky has set a benchmark for huge, driving productions that simply destroy raves. The combination of militant brutality and luminously bright carnival synths remind me of why I love grime.

17. Bok Bok – Ram Riddim

Something that mutated out of working with L-Vis on our Bongo Jam refix. Ram, because originally there was a typo in our refix that read “Bongo Ram”. Say what you mean eh?

18. Kingdom – You

Kingdom is absolutely unique and one of my favourite producers. He blends the aesthetics of UK garage with classic rave, hardcore, jumpstyle, – even trance, with a heavy dose of the drama and emotion of classic Chicago house. His new material is on fire!

19. Matt Shadetek – Battery Charge Riddim

I love the story that Matt’s Brooklyn Riddim was appropriated up by bashment kids in NYC and it became a hit in that scene. Never one to stand by idly, Matt made a whole batch of grimey bashment/house directly aimed at that scene, this riddim is one of them. Sounds like a 4×4 Ruff Sqwad

20. Christian Martin – Elephant Fight (Justin Martin’s Jungle remix)

A deceptive subtitle for a remix that’s not Jungle style so much as it’s IS a jungle, a sweltering pressure dungeon. Those elephants are NOT happy.

21. Untold – Sweat

Forthcoming on Hotflush Recordings, this track is my rubbery yet blissed out outro. Enjoy!