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Discobelle x Scion AV

Mar 24 2009


3229 posts and 15 662 comments later we finally got a record deal. Phew! For a while there we thought no one was going to call.

The guys that did were Scion AV. After releasing a long row of artists, we were selected as the first blog in the series to make our own compilation. It took a Japanese based car brand, working in America, to get Sweden some love. But whatever works because now we’re here.

So we spoke to a few of our favourite artists, and keeping it true to the blog we made sure that half of them were Swedish. Support your local musician and all of that. We tried to make it a good selection that reflected the blog. If you’re reading this, you’ll like the tracks fo sho. After that we asked Micke/PMKFA to help us with the killer cover that you can see above.

We’ll be posting all the tracks here ahead, but we’ll start you off with the first track of the album. From the epic Helsinki boys – Top Billin. Don’t sleep.

Top Billin – Playboy Anthem (320 kbps – direct link)

Oh yeah, we’re going to the States to promote it too. We’re starting off with Miami for the WMC. You get the full tracklist to the album and a few parties to attend after the jump.

Okay – the full tracklist looks like this. They’re all worth the wait, believe me.

1. Top Billin – Playboy Anthem
2. Oh Snap!! – Bill C*sby Sweater (Kazey and Bulldog Remix)
3. Maskinen – Bränner
4. Emynd featuring Kate Pascoe – Don’t Say Goodbye
5. Jamtech Foundation – The Youths Need Bass
6. Don Rimini – Karaté
7. Familjen – Socker
8. Stockholm Syndrome – My World
9. Dada Life – Smile You’re On Dada
10. Pets On Prozac – Tan, Still Unhappy
11. Boeoes Kaelstigen – Marsa
12. Dmitry Fyodorov – Leisure (Dmitry’s Armageddon edit)

And if you happen to be in Miami, here are some parties where you’ll find us: