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Radio Friendly Unit Shifter 2009 Mixtape

Apr 8 2009


Another sweet little mixtape presented by the people over at Mishka, Brooklyns finest clothing label. This one comes courtesy of Nick Catchdubs and Mr Ducker and it’s the sequel to their 90’s alternative “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter” mixtape that they put out less than a year ago.

“When Nick Catchdubs and I were putting together the first volume of our alt mixtape Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, it quickly became obvious that one volume wouldn’t be enough. So here we are now, back to entertain you with more super deluxe hits, under-appreciated album cuts and the utter weirdness that passed for major label singles in the 1990s. (And yes, we know “Wave of Mutilation” came out in ‘89, but honestly, in what decade did you start fucking with Doolittle?). From Seattle fuzz to Judgement Night gems, we present all the angst and nonsense of the alternative nation as seamlessly mixed party music, with plenty of movie samples and in-jokes thrown in for good measure.

Our gracious patrons at Mishka say they love what we’ve done, and we hope you feel the same. As for what we set aside for RFUS III… All we’ll say is that we still haven’t even used anything by Nirvana that wasn’t on Incesticide.
– Mr. Ducker”

Mishka Presents: Radio Friendly Unit Shifter ‘09 by Nick Catchdubs & Mr. Ducker (Mediafire)