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Kid606 – European Barbarians Get Down mix

Apr 15 2009


I remember catching Kid606 a few years back at the Sonar festival in Barcelona, he played in some church near the MACBA in the smoldering heat one afternoon and he absolutely blew that place to pieces and brought a sweaty dancing mass down with him. Since then he’s worked on his Tigerbeat6 label, he’s moved to Berlin and is now ready for the release of his new album “Shout At The Doner” (drops April 28th). Here’s a smashing mix to get your juices flowing in anticipation of that release.

Kid 606 – European Barbarians Get Down mix (April 2009) (direct link)

BONUS: Check the bassline heavy track “Mr Wobbles Nightmare” courtesy of RCRD LBL, it’s posted along with a raved up Acid Jacks remix.

Kid606 – Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare (via RCRD LBL)

Kid606 – Mr. Wobble’s Nightmare (Acid Jacks Remix) (via RCRD LBL)

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

1. Sunroof!-Ornamental lake of death (wings over america)
2. SND-15-ATAVISM (Raster-noton)
3. SND-4-ATAVISM (Raster-noton)
4. Laurent Garnier-the Hoe (old school mix) [F-communique]
5. Kid606-Samhain California (Obi Blanche remix) [Tigerbass]
6. PJ Pooterhoots-Yayoi3 Freakout mix
7. DJ Flint-Bang and skeet [Dancemania] i owe some people money 12″
8. DJ P.O.L. Style-Vampire killah
9. LE K-Destiny (STDJ’s Tapedick remix)
10. Congorock-Runark [Fool’s gold]
11. Hakan Libdo-Yellow Fever/Genuine Guy remix [Tigerbass]
12. Little Boots-New in town/Drop the Lime dub mix
13. Audio Bullies/Rusko/Baby Assasins-Hyphy ill (TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
14. Underworld-Boy boy boy /Switch remix
15. Ben Pest-Tiny beginnings [bonus round]
16. Les Gillettes-Send in the clowns/Missy Elliot-Lose control (TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
17. Lithops-Rosa in a light speed vessel [Thrill Jockey]
18. Romanthony-Never fuck / Congo rock remix
19. Curses-Moss Man [institubes]
20. Blackfinger-UMF (Supra 1 Remix) [Trouble and bass]
21. Doshy-Beatplug [Tigerbass]
22. Surkin-Kid Gloves/Bobmo Remix [institubes]
23. Caz Clay ft. Da Backwudz-Hey DJ
24. Bart Bmore-Bingo players get up/diplo remix [Mad Decent]
25. Diplo-Blow your head [Mad Decent]
26. DJ Manaia-Pull Up (OTB010)
27. The Rogue Element-Hive/Rafferties S.W.A.R.M. remix
28. Tayo/Timbaland/Keri Hilson-March of the soundboys/Way i are (TheSixMillionDollarKid edit)
29. Kid606-Dancehall of the dead /blnd! speed garage remix [tigerbeat6]
30. Jack Beats-What /Foamo remix
31. Bombaman-Episode [electrostimulation]
32. Egyptrixx-Ceramic [electrostimulation]
33. Dead Prez-Hip hop /The Squire of Gothos bassline warfare remix
34. Kid606-We call it life [demo]
35. Benjamin Theves-Texas /Sebastian remix