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Night Slugs & Egyptrixx

May 13 2009


Bok Bok, Manara and L-Vis 1990 over at London club Night Slugs invited Toronto producer/dj Egyptrixx over to Europe give us all a good bass smashing. Following last week’s gig at Scala in Berlin (together with DJ Donna Summer and Jubilee from the Nightshifters crew), they’re now getting ready to show London what it’s all about tomorrow night. To get you in the right spirit, here’s a promo mix from Egyptrixx.

Egpytrixx – Euro tour/Zshed promo mix (Divshare)

Tracklist and remaining tourdates after the jump.

PS. Terror Danjah will join in on the fun and here’s his grimey promo mix. (Via Fact Magazine)

Fact Mix 47 – Terror Danjah


(1) Egyptrixx – DRIVE U CRAZY (CDR)
(2) Egyptrixx – Just say really (Bok Bok RMX) (Idiot House forthcoming)
(3) Major Notes – Jungle book (CDR)
(4) Parris Mitchell – Ghetto Shoutout (dub) (Dance Mania)
(5) Derrick Carter – Where U at? (BHQ NOW dub) (Classic)
(6) L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Mad Decent Forthcoming)
(7) Egyptrixx – Phones (CDR)
(8) N.B. Funky – Riddim Box (FUNKY)
(9) Joker/Jakes – 3K Lane (Hench)
(10) Bombaman – One of Everything (Aufect forthcoming)
(11) Drums of Death – Lonely Days (CDR)
(12) Sarantis – Nitroglycerine ft. Dialect & Asher Don (MRK1 RMX) (CDR)
(13) Zomby – Rumors and revelations (Brainmath)
(14) Crystal Fighters – Xtatic Truth (L-Vis 1990 RMX) (DIM MAK forthcoming)
(15) Egyptrixx – Just Say Really (Alias RMX) (Idiot House forthcoming)
(16) Egyptrixx – Just Say Really (XI electric valium whirlind RMX) (Idiot House forthcoming)
(17) Dubbel Dutch – Trollsta (Egyptrixx RMX) (Palms out Sounds forthcoming)

14 May London, NIGHT SLUGS w/ Bok Bok & Manara, L-Vis 1990
15 May Porto, Plano B
16 May Lisbon, TBA
22 May Glasgow – Night Slugs/ Scrabble Takeover w/ Bok Bok & L-Vis 1990

Terror Danjah:

1)”Just Realise” Terror Danjah feat Fumin-Hardrive vol2
2)”Royal Flush” D.O.K-Dokument Chapter 1
3)”Red Alert” Terror Danjah-Zip Files Vol2
4)”Creepy Crawler” Terror Danjah-Indusry Standard part1-Aftershock
5)”Ride 4 Me” Terror Danjah feat Dot Rotten & Youf-Hardrive Vol2
6)”Buzz Light Year” DaVinChe-Paperchase
7)”Find OUt” Terror Danjah feat Badness-Hardrive Vol2
8)”Nissi” T.N.T
9)”Kill All Of Dem” Scratcha D.V.A
10)”Jam Hot” Geenus
11)”Commando” Ganja Man
12)”Frontline” (Creepy Crawler Remix) Big-E-D-Pay Back EP-Aftershock
13)”Trojan” Terror Danjah-Zip Files Vol1
14)”Untitled” Treble Clef-Kamakzie
15)”Morph” Terror Danjah-Zip Files vol1
16)”Untitled” P-Jam-Dice Recordings/Beat Camp
17)”Untitled” Big-E-D Zip Files Vol2
18)”Suck Out” Loudmouth Melvin-Zip Files Vol1
19)”Code Morse” Terror Danjah & D.O.K (unreleased)
20)”Warning” D.O.K (D.O.K funky 2009 remix)
21)”Party hard” Donaeo
22)”Go Hard” Lethal B feat Donaeo
23)”Migraine Skank” Gracious ‘Napa Man’K
24)”Came In The Game” Lil Silva feat Ghetts
25)”Tribal Skank” Fr3e
26)”More Girls” Boy Better Know
27)”Sunglasses” UNdisputed
28)”Blackberry Hype” Lil Silva feat Maxwell D (Terror Danjah Special)