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May 15 2009


TheHype.FM just spawned back with a new design this week.

– 3 (free) audio streams (low bitrate mp3, high bitrate custom player, mobile stream launchable through iphone/blackberry/etc)
– new completely interactive website designed by UsLot Everywhere (http://www.usloteverywhere.com/)
– exclusive regular shows and interview by over 30 of the most influential blogs & hottest artists from all over the globe
– new video stream with exclusive video interviews and music videos playing around the clock
– our new blog focusing on art, news, fashion, and production/dj technique (basically everything but a music blog)
– partnerships with several music labels…you’ll get to hear the new releases weeks to months in advance

We will be back with our show starting June 4th. We will also be part of Grindin’s chart show once a month.