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Steven Harrington – Bang Ga Wrong mix

May 20 2009


We got an e-mail about this mix during those mad days at WMC in Miami back in March and somehow it got lost in all the clutter that is known as the Discobelle inbox. Anyway, better late than never. Here’s a 45 minute mix (mixed by Andrew Miller) of early dancehall, dub and roots reggae from designer Steven Harrington’s extensive collection of 7″ singles. This was done as a part of Stevens recent collaboration with Arkitip and Incase. Perfect mix to bump now that the weather is getting better while days are slow and spent chilling.

“Steven Harrington is the most recent contributor to the Curated by Arkitip line for Incase. As part of that project, he designed a laptop sleeve and an iPhone 3G Slider, which are available at Premium Apple Retail stores and online at Arkitip.”

Steven Harrington & Andrew Miller – Bang Ga Wrong mix (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

0:01 Intro (‘Original Sound’)
0:25 Eccelton Jarrett, ‘Turn On The Heat’
2:25 Cocoa Tea, ‘Young Lovers’
4:49 Conroy Smith, ‘Original Sound’
6:41 Courtney Melody, ‘Screechie Across The Border’
9:33 Pinchers, ‘Agony’
11:44 Little Jon, ‘Fade Away’
14:00 Admiral Bailey, ‘Big Belly Man’
15:32 Drum Break (‘Whats Going On’)
15:54 Al Fingers, ‘Whats Going On (Truth & Rights Remix)’
19:11 Ecceltron Jarrett, ‘Rock Them One By One’
21:00 Break (‘Cuss Cuss’)
21:09 Barrington Levy, ‘Here I Come’
22:06 Roots Radics, ‘Cuss Cuss’
23:06 Anthony B, ‘Warrior’
23:55 Barrington Levy, ‘Come’
26:16 Augustus Pablo, ‘Java’
28:29 Barrington Levy, ‘Murderer’
30:02 Flourgon, ‘Jump Spread Out’
31:40 Keith & Tex, ‘Stop That Train’
33:54 Gregory Issacs, ‘Night Nurse’ + Harry J All Starts, ‘Liquidator’
35:54 Junior Delgado, ‘Sons Of Slaves’
38:38 Upsetters, ‘Flashing Echo’
39:54 Daddy Lizard, ‘Run Girl Run’ + Black Uhuru, ‘Happiness’
42:43 White Mice, ‘Youths Of Today’
44:22 Outro (‘Youths Of Today’ + ‘Original Sound’)