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Zebra & Snake

Jun 4 2009

Finland is going strong at the moment with artists like Top Billin, Renaissance Man, Femme En Fourrure and Le Corps Mince De Francoise to name a few and here we got the next one. The label describes Zebra & Snake as a mix of: “Joy Division, Prince, David Bowie, Talking Heads and The Knife”. When I saw their new video it made me think of a Finnish version of The Tough Alliance. Let us just let them be Zebra & Snake and enjoy their live bass, modern electric drums, catchy, crazy synth lines and Tapio`s deep hypnotic voice.

Zebra & Snake – Kohut (zShare)

Zebra & Snake – The Dog (zShare)

And if that wasn’t enough of Finland for today, we also got a remix of their single “The Colours” from Hannuleauri.

Zebra & Snake – The Colours (Hannulelauri remix) (zShare)