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Jun 15 2009


We did a post about RCMP back in February when their tracks made us dream of summer. Now their debut, the “RCMP EP”, is about to drop on Flamin Hotz in a joint venture with Young Robots (street date is June 23rd, vinyl only and it comes backed with remixes from Cousin Cole and Pumpkin Patch). This track “Ibiza, PA” is on that warm, fuzzy tip with discohouse elements of epic proportions.

“RCMP is the creation of DJ Apt One and Relative Q. They make dance music for those who yearn to be unpretentious and animalistic creatures of the discotheÌ€que. DJ Apt One, Philadelphia DJ and member of Philadelphyinz, joined with Pittsburgh’s Relative Q in the Spring of 2008 to assemble several remixes. Ultimately, the two saw a mutual understanding of the visceral power of the musical bond between Cold War Europeans and their robot slaves. Studio experimentation led them to record “Mustache Love”, a track which brought a symphony of synths, conga players and strings to bear in a classic, but forward-thinking compositional style. Soon, the sound infiltrated some of the most influential discotheÌ€ques in the world. It is rumored that babies conceived to this song are being groomed to lead a number of former Soviet republics. Their collaboration produced the body of work that is now known as the RCMP EP. Notable for its sophistication (“Mustache Love”), its cathartic emotional content “(Ibiza, PA”), its soaring grandiosity (“The Bird AKA Ignition”) and its brain-melting infectiousness (“USA Groove”), RCMP has been leaving dance floors aglow in pheremones, sweat and love.”

RCMP – Ibiza, PA (YSI)

RCMP – Ibiza, PA (zShare)

BONUS: Here’s the promo mix which features all the tracks off the EP.

RCMP – RCMP EP Promo Mix (zShare)

Tracklist after the jump.

1. Mustache Love
2. Mustache Love (Pumpkin Patch Remix)
3. Ibiza, PA
4. Ibiza, PA (Cousin Cole Remix)
5. Ignition AKA The Bird
6. USA Groove
7. USA Groove (Burnso Remix)*