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Sex Video

Jun 24 2009


Montreal based club/rock music label Tremendous Records just signed Love & Electrik and the release of ‘Sex Video’ the duo’s first single which was out yesterday exclusively on beatport (if you like the track support them and buy the track).

“Love & Electrik (AKA Roxy Aiston and Kevin Mah) are like an explosion of flashing lights and glassy sound. Welcome to their universe where vintage synthesizers, vocoders & talkbox coexist with a voice that has a timeless soul. Together their music takes you to a familiar past: the groove of Nu Shooz to the dripping sex appeal of Minneapolis Funk, the dance vibes of 80’s Freestyle music to the intergalactic synths of Paul Hardcastle, the playfulness of The Jets to the smoothness of the S.O.S Band.”

Love & Electrik – Sex Video (direct link)