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Endiamonds – Absence

Jun 30 2009

In Sweden we celebrate a holiday called Midsummer. It’s entails drinking schnapps, eating pickled herring, and dancing around a pole full for flowers and leaves. I know, it’s weird. But that’s what we do.

Anyway, for this years festivities I was in the Gothenburg archipelago and went to see the band playing. I was expecting bad Metallica covers but to my surprise they were actually really good. They’re called Endiamonds and have that Swedish West coast sound – a little TTA, a little Air France. Unfortunately their recordings don’t quite match their live performance, but we think this could be a gem worth keeping an eye on.

Endiamonds – Absence (direct link)

4 thoughts on “Endiamonds – Absence

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  2. Dave

    The maasai tribes in Kenya & Tanzania mix cow milk with blood and drink this for strength. Eating fish and drinking booze is not very weird.

    Now you know.

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