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Momma’s Boy

Jul 8 2009


The French maestro Teki Latex just sent us a track from the upcoming release on his fine imprint Sound Pellegrino. You’ve all heard of Mikix The Cat which is the more in your face alter ego of Momma’s Boy AKA Mike Gnacadja. Now we got the flip side track “Give It Up” from his new EP which is one fine piece of music and it will no doubt get tons of plays. Here’s the lodown courtesy of Teki:

“…While unleashing his hard bass-driven rave bursts as Mikix for Luca’s label Trouble & Bass, Mike kept his lighter, more playful side away from the public ear, but not from the Sound Pellegrino Thermal Team’s hard drives. Influenced by the sparse sounds of the house music of Now, as well as a rightful return to the African rythms of his Beninese roots, channelled by his move from Paris to Berlin, a new face of Mike Gnacadja was born, we decided to name it Momma’s Boy (after the restaurant in Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Orgasmic and I had an argument about whether “Give It Up” should be the A-side or not, but things like that don’t really matter anymore with digital releases, do they? Anyway I believe “Give It Up” is the hit of the EP. Banging yet subtle, evil yet pointing towards the direction of “a fun jam”, this track is like a sprinkle of hagelslag on an already delicious piece of toast in the middle of a well-furnished musical Dutch breakfast.

– Teki Latex”

Momma’s Boy – Give It Up (YSI)

Momma’s Boy – Give It Up (zShare)