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King Tutt – Sets Up (Dirty) and My Crew Be Unruly party info

Jul 16 2009


There is no shortage of big parties around but not everyday there is epic party. The parties you’re gonna tell your children about when you grow old. Last years My Crew Be Unruly party was one of those parties. Lots of memories and stories but the biggest moment was when K-Swift(R.I.P) was killing the main room and you could touch the energy in the air. When Wes got on right after, all black people left and only a couple of white hipsters were still dancing (made me laugh but not stop dancing ’cause he was as always amazing). And if I didn’t love DJ Sega’s music before that night he got my full attention when he did his “no headphone” back to back with Wes. AMAZING! Then there was Scottie B and DJ Class live on the mic, Blaqstarr singing and Emynd and Bo Bliz tearing up the yard. What a good night.

This years party is dedicated to K-swift who sadly past away the day that followed last years night.

“This year’s party is the first time in over a decade that the three big crews of Baltimore – Unruly, Doo Dew Kidz, & Club Kingz will all be sharing a venue.” – Puja Patel

How amazing is that? Can you afford to not be there? I don’t think so. And where am I then? On a stinking boat, life sux :(

More info and tickets here!

Here is a hard hitting track from Unrulys King Tutt for your Serato! B-more 4 life!

King Tutt (DJ) – Sets Up (Dirty) (zShare)

Backside of the flyer and complete lineup after jump:


2 thoughts on “King Tutt – Sets Up (Dirty) and My Crew Be Unruly party info

  1. polstyle

    Ahhh man, This would have been worth quitting my job to fly over for. Oh well, next year.

    R.I.P. K-Swift

  2. Danny M

    King Tutt killed it. The BYOB policy is still crazy, imo, but free jell-o shooters for the win. Tittsworth and DJ Sega back to back in the back room was wicked m8. As was Big L and the Clipse turning the main room into some straight hood b’more (right after King Tutt, but before Scotty B & DJ Class). Party don’t stop till 4:58 in the morning…

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