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Jul 21 2009


With the upcoming release of Bent’s “Best Of” collection album, slated to drop on July 22nd, there will be a string of new remixes to come for some of their classic tracks.

First up is London cosmic disco heads mIGHTY mOUSE and house legend Trevor Loveys remixing the track “Always”. The mIGHTY mOUSE remix was featured in Aeroplanes top 10 in June 2009 and has become a staple in their DJ sets. The Trevor Loveys remix is a nod to the old school with his trademark beats and bassline. The EP package is set for release on August 17th.

Bent will be hitting the newly opened Highbury Garage in London on July 22nd with Totally Enourmous Extinct Dinosaurs and DJ Sister Bliss.

Bent – Always (Trevor Loveys remix) (direct link)

Bent – Always (mIGHTY mOUSE remix) (direct link)