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Jul 23 2009

Image by Chris Cantalini

The Memory Cassette “Call And Response” debut 7″ was recently released by the good people over at Acephale in collaboration with Sweden’s finest Sincerely Yours, limited to 500 copies (some copies could be available at select stores). This remix of the track “Surfin” from Weird Tapes did of himself is a delicate and heavenly piece of bleepy, summery pop music and it’s part of the “Calls & Responses EP” (includes new remixes of Memory Cassette by Friend, CFCF, Sail A Whale and Shadow Self).

All the remixes are to be given away at high quality for free through blogs and will be available as a single download through the We’re Tapes blog shortly.

Memory Cassette – Surfin (Weird Tapes Version) (YSI)

Memory Cassette – Surfin (Weird Tapes Version) (Sharebee)