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Tokyo Pollution (The Brooklyn Fire Trilogy)

Jul 31 2009

We could have called this the Tommie Sunshine mega-post but since the man got a new release out on Ultra Records we went with that instead. Tommie picked his favorite new producers to get to work on his latest offering. The album is up on iTunes and Beatport with remixes from Il Diablo, Bit Thief, Kitch ‘n Sync, Figure, NoNewYork and Jayou Dodge.

To promote it Tommie sent us his latest mixtape, a remix from the album and some tracks that weren’t on the album. We also included the accapella so that you can go to work on the track yourself. Then head over to Tommie Sunshine’s soundcloud page and drop it in the dropbox.


Tommie Sunshine – Tokyo Pollution [Il Diablo’s Bassline remix] (direct link)
I held this back from the official release specifically for the blogs. I feel like this bassline simply murders and will give the track a new lease on life in the underground. Il Diablo’s music is special to me and he is going to be a major talent to contend with. I am calling this now as his collab with Jay Robinson, Dub Frequency gets bigger and bigger.

Tommie Sunshine – Dance Among The Ruins [The Disco Villains FRESCO remix] (direct link)
After the mixes were done I started speaking to these guys and got an idea for them to do an update of the first single I did for Ultra with myself & Peaches on vocals. They hit the bulls-eye with an ’09 approach that rocks the floor hard.

Marc Romboy vs. Tommie Sunshine – Bodyjack [Dan Aux’s Way Crazies remix] (direct link)
I posted the a cappella to this one on Soundcloud and this New Zealander sent this to me. It is above and beyond mental and needs to be heard.

Fall Out Boy – I Don’t Care [Tommie Sunshine & Mightyfools remix] (direct link)
I don’t know how we held this back for so long but it can now be released into the wild. Done on two continents with the desire to do something big. I am such a fan of Mightyfools and it was a pleasure to collaborate with them. Featured on Will Bailey’s Bass Weazal Birthday Mixtape, I feel this could get a fair amount of play.

Tommie Sunshine – Tokyo Pollution (Accapella) (direct link)