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Thinking Space: Discobelle.net

Aug 12 2009

As a part of The Economist Thinking Space series, we’ve been asked to describe where we get our ideas from. If you’re interested in how we think, all the answers are after the jump.

That’s me, Björn Jeffery, on the right.

What is your current profession and how did you choose your career path (where did you study, learn, become inspired)?

As for this interview, I’m a blogger. And I chose to become one because it was a great way to give really good music the scene it deserved. We found so much music, hidden in forums and small outlets, that we knew a bigger audience would appreciate. So we set up the blog to spread the word about a few artists that we liked. And that’s how it all started.

Where did you grow up? How did it influence who you are today?

I grew up in Sweden, on the West coast, after moving from London. Being half-English, I think I saw the Swedish-ness quite early on. It was easy to mock and make fun of, but as the years have past I’ve grown to appreciate it a lot more. It has also been the biggest musical influence on Discobelle.net – we have tried to constantly promote Swedish and Scandinavian music. Hopefully a few of the artists featured have had some help from the exposure.

What are you passionate about, outside of work?

I’m passionate about learning things, and gaining more information – even about the most meaningless of things. It seems to be a trait that is sticking with me so I’ve decided to run with it. I’m a really good snooper as a result of this.

What was the last thing that made you laugh?

Finding a company-internal newsletter that wasn’t supposed to be public. Very amusing.

Singapore Taxi

Why have you chosen this as your thinking space?

I think best while I’m travelling. Being in transit clears my mind from other things, and gets my mind running. I need new surroundings and influences in order to break my thinking patterns. Offices are often great as an efficient way to get things done, but if I need to come up with something I prefer to be in motion.

Can you tell us about the different objects featured in your Thinking Space: what is the story behind each object? Is it of unique significance to you? What does it tell us about you? How would you feel if it went missing?

The picture shows a shot from a taxi in Singapore. It’s times like these, just reaching the city limits, when the sense of anticipation is strongest. It’s a high that is hard to recreate any other way. And it makes for a creative atmosphere that is unsurpassed by nothing.

Do you have any favourite blogs or other websites that you check out regularly?
All our favourite blogs are on Grindin.

Do you have your own Spotify playlist or any other playlist? Who are your favourite artists, soundtracks?

As you might have guessed, we post things that are slightly ahead of the Spotify publishing plan. The blog in total gives a fair picture of what we are listening to the most right now.