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Mixin’ It Up: DJ Wool

Aug 22 2009

mixin it up3
Artwork by Leo Olofsson of Awesome Agency

It’s been a long hot summer but our Mixin’ It Up series is finally back, and with fellow Awesome Agency artist the amazing DJ Wool providing the mix for the return we couldn’t be off to a better start. You all should know DJ Wool by now but to refresh your memories we’ve included a brief bio to go along with the mix, here we go:

“Glen Brady aka DJ Wool is a DJ and Music Producer who splits his time between Brooklyn and Berlin. Glen is a founding member of indie dance duo The Glass with Dominique Keegan of Plant records co-owned by hip hop pioneer Stretch Armstrong. The Glass new single ‘Wanna Be Dancin’ featuring remixes by Nadastrom, Eli Escobar, In Flagranti and more is available now on Plant Music and has been receiving play by Pete Tong and Rob Da Bank on BBC 1.

Recent remixes by DJ Wool include: Izza Kizza (Mosley Music Group), In Flagranti, Camp Lo feat Grand Agent, Mic Terror, iPunk, Niyi, Tittsworth feat Kid Sister, Pase Rock, Cobra Krames, Niyi, Das Shadow, Loose Shus, Omar Doom, DCUP and more.

The Glass have released numerous 12” records, EP’s and remixes including two 12 inches “Won’t Bother Me” and “Hear The Music” with remixes by Mylo and 2020 Soundsystem on Fine/Four music. They have remixed and been remixed by Luke Solomon, Nadastrom, Eli Escobar, Sub Swara, Ursula 1000. 120 Days (Vice Records), INXS, Kasper Bjorke, Stretch Armstrong, Rinocerose, The Photo Atlas, Telepopmusic, Tittsworth, Les Clones, Filur, Shitake Monkey, Just Jack, Junior Sanchez and more.

Glen also mixed/engineered the 2008 debut album by Baltimore Beats artist Tittsworth ’12 Steps’ featuring appearances by Nina Sky, Pitbull, The Federation, Dave Nada, Kid Sister and Pase Rock….DJ Wool also produced the forthcoming single ‘I Party’ by wildly successful Californian Hip hop act ‘The Far East Movement’

Current DJ Wool solo joints include ‘The Star of East Berlin’ with remixes by Sharkslayer, Rampa (Terranova) and Mike Dextro on Plant Music NYC. Plus DJ Wool ‘Gangsters & Models’ with remixes by Cobra Krames and The Scandals on Pale music International. Forthcoming releases include The Glass ‘SuperHero’ with remixes by Luke Solomon, Tittsworth and Ursula 1000 on Plant Music and DJ Wool feat Subtitle ‘Strobelight’ with remixes by Arveene & Misk and Royal Rumble. DJ Wool is also collaborating on a new single with South African Wunderkinds Sweat.X. DJ Wool mixed and engineered highly succesful ‘Sound of Young New York’ Compilations 1,2 & 3.

DJ Wool is now an artist on the roster of UberCool Berlin based booking agent Awesome Agency along with Discobelle DJ’s, Niyi, Cobra Krames and more…

DJ Wool is on a constant tour schedule with The Glass and as a DJ that takes him from San Francisco to Switzerland and back again on a monthly basis…

For this mix I wanted to get as close as possible to the sound I’ve been playing at the ‘Awesome’ parties in Berlin and around Europe for the past year. New School Dancefloor shit, equal parts influenced by Techno, Breaks, Electro and House with a few cool exclusives representing where me and the homies are at in the studio, on the mic and on those turntables. I tried to stay away from my usual dj mix style so no elaborate intros or noodly numbers just to please the crate diggers…This time I’m dropping it for the dancefloor and keepin it there all the way to the end…..Awesome stylee!!! I’ve kept it mellow on the cutting and scratching on this one but obviously I couldn’t do nearly 70 minutes of mixing without a little nod to turntablism, no Tractor mixing here…..Also I’ve got 5 tracks on here that have some kind of origin in Ireland. Nice to see some Paddiness finally getting represented!!!

Download: DJ Wool – Discobelle Mixin’ It Up (zShare)

DJ Wool – Strobelight feat Subtitle (Arveene & Misk Mix)

This is my new single coming out in the Autumn featuring the rhyme skills of Giovanni Marks aka Subtitle. Subtitle tames his ‘tech’ rap and gives a straight up party killer. Whattup Gino? Arveene & Misk on remix duties. Those kids always go BANG! Oh yea this is exclusive! That’s why it’s 1st…cuts not included.

Meat Katie & Dylan Rhymes – Longacre

Meat Katie has been around making breakbeats longer than you have and never disappoints. I like the techno influence on this one…fits lovely in my set.

Black Rabbit – What’s up Earthlets

I like this in the mix…it takes you to bassline country without scaring away the crowd.

8 Minutes – Come Go

A few weeks ago I went to Dublin, Ireland (where I grew up). I deejayed, got drunk and went to a party (I know, very unusual for me)…At said party I met a young producer named Niall Dunne and we chilled for a minute. This track is by Niall and Andrew Houlihan. They go by the name ‘8 Minutes’ and this is a stomper. Oh yea this is exclusive!

The Count & Sinden – Mega (Club)

A mega track with a mega kick & snare pattern…and a mega breakdown. That’s it.

Orbital – Lush (Herve’s Tree & Leaf Remix)

So many people loved Orbital so much that Herve had to come along and Kick the shit out of it…Bassline stylee….

Zombie Nation – Worth it (Arveene & Misk Mix)

This is my pick of the bunch. Straight up and down stomper dancefloor killer.

DJ Wool – Strobelight feat Subtitle (Acapella)

I just had to give a full verse from Subtitle….That Fool is Hella Nice!!!

Tiga – Mind Dimension (Pablo Decoder Mix)

Pablo Decoder has been one of my favorite remixers in the past year….Big Techno influences with a hint of breakbeat malarchy vibes thrown in for good measure….Check his track ‘Blo’ if you dig this….

Jerry Ropero – Organ of Love (Juan Magan Mix)

A long time ago I was 17 and took ecstasy. These house organs bring me right back. Can You feel it?

Presuming Ed – Hit Me

Straight up and down dancefloor rockers Presuming Ed. They don’t let a dj down.

DJ Gero – SAVATE (Kazey N Bulldog Mix)

Anyone for a little ‘Post Baltimore’?

Detboi – Y’all Want Mo? (Sinden Mix)

Detboi is from Dublin like me…or so I hear…I like his tunes. Sinden kills it…is that a Run DMC break in the middle section?

Tommie Sunshine – Tokyo Pollution (Il Diablo’s Bassline Mix)

I used to see Tommie at the post office in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and we never spoke, then one day he walked up to me in Berlin and said ‘Hi Glen’. Here Tommie gets a taste of the real bassline pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure, pressure! Nice String work from Tommie on the original too.

Presuming Ed – Begging Your Pardon

Straight up and down dancefloor rockers Presuming Ed. They don’t let a dj down….Shit Deja Vu!

Felix The House Cat – Elvis

A legendary track from a legendary cat with the name of a legendary geezer.

The Glass – SuperHero (Bit Theif Mix)

This is going to be the next single from my band The Glass…..Bit Theif takes us to the nearest dancefloor but leaves in that Gay Dad vocal for the ladies…Go Domo!!! Catch us on tour USA/Canada in September and Europe in October….Oh yea this is exclusive…for now.

The Beatles – Revolution (The Yank’s Cut) DJ Wool edit)

So I listened to The Psychonauts and DJ Z Trip and the like alot in the 90’s so I can’t just do a straight up Dancefloor mix without playing something that would go down equally well at a wedding as at a rave…This record is so fun to play at a ‘serious’ club. Seems to really piss off the boring ass chin wagging ‘muso’ types…I did a few edits to it before I mixed it….This edit has been destroying dancefloors for me from Malmo to Mexico!!!!!

Martelo feat Herve – Wasted

Straight Hella Tight Hammer Banger Bloodlust Dancefloor Mayhem just to let you know there’s no fooling around when you book a DJ that represents Awesome Agency, Plant Music, The Glass, Berlin, Dublin, NYC!!!!!!!!!”

PS: Local peeps, check out DJ Wool next saturday (August 29th) in Malmö where he’ll destroy The Rumble together with Rusko, L-Vis 1990 and Arveene.