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The Resistance Tour vs. The Rumble

Aug 27 2009


This is mostly for the local peeps.

The Rumble, one of the biggest clubs here in Malmö reopens on saturday August 29th after a much deserved summer break and boy do they go out hard. The lineup for the first night of the season is pretty spectacular and pits The Resistance Tour against some Mad Decent heavyweights:

Rusko (Mad Decent)
L-Vis 1990 (Mad Decent)
Arveene (Clampdown, Dublin)
DJ Wool (The Glass/Plant Music/Awesome Agency)
Martin from Donk Boys (of Dirtybird fame)
+ Sweet Fred and Niklas Loman

We have something of a special treat for those of you that wants to attend the shenanigans and that is that we managed to get our mitts on 20 x 2 tickets to give away. Just go to the Resistance Tour site and register for FREE tickets – the first 40 to do so will get them!

Details after the jump.

Room 1 – Klubben:
Rusko and L-Vis 1990.

Room 2 – Nya Rummet: Resistance Tour
DJ Wool with his buddy from Dublin, Arveene.

Martin Abrahamsson (Donk Boys) warming up with tweaked house.

Room 3 – Plocke-Pinn:
Sweet Fred (The Rumble) och Niklas Loman (Sthlm) – crunk, hiphop & dancehall.

Saturday 29/8, 23-03