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Hater Blockers

Aug 31 2009


I got this in the mail today and just had to throw it up here. It’s some ill shit. The track is from 22 year old Poison Ivry from Chicago. She describes herself as a down to earth laidback lady who’s married to her music. “Music was my first love in life. Music is my baby. Rapping is my dream. And I won’t stop till I’m at the top………”

Check out her MySpace and then get this exclusive remix from Jonny Blaze of the “Hater Blockers” track. We also got a brand new MJ Remix from Jonny so I’m putting that up too.

Poison Ivry (ft. Jidoe) – Hater Blockers (Jonny Blaze Remix) (direct link)

Jonny Blaze – Leave It Alone (Sendspace)