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The XX x 2

Sep 3 2009

Pic from Dummy

British quartet The XX have taken the blogs and also the lovely Grindin crowd by storm, well deserved of course with their timid and beautiful electropop. Here’s two remixes of the single track “Basic Space” (released digitally next week), the first one comes courtesy of Astronomer (maybe better known as Alex Egan of Skull Juice fame), the second remix comes from Montreal producer/dj Lunice. Both of them transports the track towards the dancefloor but they go about in quite different ways where Lunice glitches it up while the Astronomer extends it to almost 7 minutes throwing in some bass, handclaps and synths making it more of a set opener.

The XX – Basic Space (Lunice remix) (direct link)

The XX – Basic Space (Astronomer remix) (YSI)

The XX – Basic Space (Astronomer remix) (drop.io)