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U’s & I’s and Lullabies

Sep 6 2009

Sunday is the hangover day so we got a cool mellow mix to suit the need for just chillin out. Primary 1 are the captain of this mix with a lot of his blends mixed into it. We also got a zip with all the individual tracks from the mix so go get them both and just sit down and relax.

Primary 1 – U’s & I’s and Lullabies (mediafire)

Primary 1 – U’s & I’s and Lullabies (individual tracks) (mediafire)

Tracklist after the jump:

1. The Sunshine Boy and The Goonies – Fires On The Island
2. Gonzales and Mickey Moses – Singing The Cat’s Meow Something
(Primary 1 Blend)
3. Alka Salsa and Brian Wilson – Leone Loves Our Prayer (Primary 1 Blend)
4. Cassie and Kim Hiorthoy – Me and U Know The Score (Primary 1 Blend)
5. Burial and Stanley Kubrick – U Hurt Me Lolita
6. Metronomy and Stanley Kubrick – Lolita Has A Thing For Me (Breakbot Remix)
7. The Canyons and Prefab Sprout – All The World Loves Apples and
Pears Lovers (Primary 1 Blend)
8. Slope – Want Choo Longer
9. The Zombies and Aphex Twin – The Way Nanou Feel Inside (Primary 1 Blend)