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Sep 10 2009


When you find a new mix from Joakim in the mailbox, you know it’s going to be a pretty good day. This mix of kraut/fuzzy rock/disco is made as a teaser for the September 17th release of the new Joakim album “Milky Ways” (released by !K7 Records).

“How cool must it be to be Joakim? The French producer/bandleader’s kitchen sink approach to music has made his albums increasingly difficult to classify, leaving his fans braced for whatever curve he might happen to throw at them next. A curve such as this mix, perhaps. No need to worry, the requisite dirty disco abounds (see Red Dragon Band’s excellent Italo jam “Let Me Be Your Radio” or Joakim’s own “Watermellon Bubblicious”). But mixing a Beatles outtake with Chicago Juke king DJ Deeon? The sludge fuzz double header of The Goslings and Acid Mothers Temple? A Rolling Stones track that isn’t “Miss You?” Clearly Joakim isn’t messing around. For a picture of where his head is at musically right now, this mix is an excellent primer.”

Jaokim – Milky Mix (zShare)

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

1. O.M.D. – Electricity (Micronauts remix)
2. E.A.R. – Submarine
3. Dragons of Zynth – Anna Mae
4. John Foxx – Metal Beat
5. Joakim – Fly Like An Apple
6. James Pants – Rhythm Track 9
7. Pom Pom – Untitled
8. Soft Rocks – Black Magic
9. Vanessa Paradis – Des Que J’te vois (Joakim unreleased remix)
10. Red Dragon Band – Let Me Be Your Radio pt 1
11. The Rolling Stones – Undercover Of the Night
12. SPK – Dance Du Metal (I:Cube Edit)
13. Joakim – Watermelon Bubblicious
14. Sweet Exorcist – Mad Jack
15. Yura Yura Teikoky – Hollow Me (Alternate Version)
16. Dj Deeon – Exctacy
17. The Beatles – Helter Skelter (demo)
18. Goslings – Croatan
19. Acid Mothers Temple – Electric Love Machine
20. Dennis Wilson – Farewell My Friend