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Into The Clouds

Sep 13 2009

Time for some more music that fits best on a Sunday and this time it’s the Swedish duo The Sound of Arrowsthat we go to for a some beautiful music. Their latest EP “M.A.G.I.C.” was one of the best thing to come out last year and now they are back with a new single “Into The Clouds” that will be out on Neon Gold with remixes from the likes of Fear of Tigers and Gold Dust. It will hit the shops September 28th but preorder is available now from Puregroove in the UK and the Neon Gold Shop in the US.

We got a remix, that I think isn’t on the 12″, for you. It’s from Dolby Anol and I hope it get’s you as excited as I am about this release. I have also heard two other remixes that I know is on the EP and it’s is all just as magical as “M.A.G.I.C.”.

The Sound of Arrows – Into The Clouds (Dolby Anol remix) (Rapidshare)