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Riva Starr / Made to Play Remix Competition

Sep 16 2009

MTP022 Pack Shot.jpg

Time for a new remix competition and a pretty rare occasion to get big very quick in the techno game. The winner will be released on Jesse Roses own label Made to Play!

Here are the basics: Download the remix package for Riva Starrs upcoming track “I Was Drunk”. Be creative, show off your mad ideas and send the results over to us. Entries should be in a 320 bit mp3s and submitted to the Made To Play Dropbox with the prefix “Riva Starr Remix Contest” before the track title. Deadline is November 13th.

The winner will be announced mid-December here on Discobelle and the winning remix will then be sold on Beatport as part of the second single!

Riva Starr – I Was Drunk Remix Package (zip file, direct link)

Riva Starr is playing at The Rumble in Malmö on saturday (September 19th) together with the fabolous Finnish duo Renaissance Man, Safari Sound and Jonte (from the club Function). Check the flyer after the jump!


46 thoughts on “Riva Starr / Made to Play Remix Competition

  1. zremix

    to bad… this has no prizes… only release at madetoplay its not enoght… =\

  2. Luke Tkalcevic

    Im in. Cant wait but yeah, deadline would be nice. Hope we get till this time next month to wrap it up :), good luck everyone! Ill be checking back for the deadline! :)

  3. Jesse rose

    The winner gets a promise we will check his or her demo for future release on the label.. good luck… and remember to come with your own sound!!!

  4. Jack Lesl

    really awesome

    a release on made to play is not enough?
    when u say that u really need to deep into some history of the label
    one of a kind label not much labels like that man!

    with really nice unique sound!
    gonna start this weekend with remixing:D

  5. Grav

    This is great! But..The song is already so freakin perfect!
    It will be nice to see what comes out of this.
    Im in…..

  6. AdriaN

    Its ON ! what a cool suprise !! i was just jammin riva starr this morning ! its gotta be a sign ! lol

  7. Anonymous

    i’ve sending the remix on the dropbox link .
    I have to do more ???

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  9. N.I.C.K.Y.

    I’ve done my remix! :) Now it’s time to upload and show u guys! :D It is a little Techno rmx but with some Minimal elements and very groovy :) and I made it under the name of Armida

    Hope you like it guys! (Still working on EQ/Mastering but this is lake the last “beta”) :D


    Not available for download right now, but if u like it I’ll change that :)

    Btw, Nathanel came with a great idea! :) And Beatzbub made a great and funny remix! Techtrix is good but idk… Something’s missing for me xD just a personal opinion (but the house feeling is something that surprised me!)

    Weel c ya!

  10. nathanel

    Many thanks NICKY.
    Personally, from all the remixes on this page yours is my favourite. It’s not chaotic, and you “injected” the main theme in your tune really genlty. And I really like the sound of your rythmic section

    Though I’d change something. Still it’s pretty good.

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  12. Mark

    Read the blog post you fools…. ;)

    “The winner will be announced mid-December here on Discobelle…..”

    Fingers are crossed!

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