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30 min workout vol. 1

Sep 22 2009


Jonny Blaze kicks off his new mix series with this old-school/throwback mix. It’s the first in a series of ten mixes from Jonny Blaze. He is starting it off strong, there is some great stuff in this first one.

Jonny Blaze presents 30 min workout vol. 1 (Sendspace)

Tracklist after the jump.

1.paul revere
2.the vapors
3.find a way
4.my philosophy
5.im a poet
7.strictly business
8.super hoe
9.force md’s meet the fatboys
10.brand new funk
11.electric relaxation
12.just to get a rep
13.i aint no joke
14.k-9 posse
15.last night
16.fresh is the word
17.down by law
18.bite this
19.have a nice day
20.darly and joe
21.beats to the rhyme
22.the mission
23.triple threat
24.king kut