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Don’t Go Away

Sep 24 2009

Gemini Infinity Contributors

Sam Young has just signed Gemini Infinity to release their debut album on his Nod Factor label. We got the first taste from their upcoming album “LOVECHASEDREAM”.

“The Gemini Infinity contributors (Funky DL, Xantoné Blacq, Dukus Alemay, Lei-an, Giorgio Serci and few others) came together (as individual musicians in their own right) in the back end of 2008 to create this protoplasmic chemistry in the form of water tight music for all those listeners who want something to make them feel alive and the collective promise that after just one listen of the album, the listener will feel so good about what they’ve heard that a replay / rewind would be mandatory.”

We also got the first release from Nod Factor in the mail today, more about that tomorrow.

Gemini Infinity – Don’t Go Away (direct link)