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Night Slugs x Dress 2 Sweat x Discobelle #2

Oct 15 2009


A few weeks ago we told you about our partnership with Night Slugs and Dress 2 Sweat for the release of the “Night Slugs” EP from London producers/dj’s Bok Bok and L-Vis 1990. Well, the wait is over and the EP has begun to ship and has hit digital retailers already. Go grab it, you know that you need this in your life.

To celebrate this the final Dress 2 Sweat release – Bok Bok/L-Vis 1990 “Night Slugs EP” – and transforming into new label Numbers Jackmaster mixed a special CD with highlights from the Dress 2 Sweat catalogue + we also have the new video from L-Vis 1990 for the VIP version of his stellar remix of the Gucci Vump track “Sha! Shtil!”.

Jackmaster – 60 Minutes of Dress 2 Sweat (direct link)

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

Rod Lee – Let Me See What You Workin’ With Rustie Remix (DTS008)
Kazey + Bulldog – Ballin’ (DTS010)
Rod Lee – Oh Yeah (DTS011)
Kazey + Bulldog – Big Truck (DTS004)
Kazey + Bulldog – Big Truck Pt. II (DTS010)
DJ Tameil – I Get Money (DTS003)
L-vis 1990 – Playing With Knives (We almost released this)
Kazey + Bulldog – Sweet Harmony (DTS004)
Bok Bok – Ripe Banana (DTS012)
L-vis 1990 – Hide (DTS012)
Dikulous – You Know What To Doo (DTS001)
Kazey + Bulldog – Snap Yo Balti (DTS004)
DJ Tameil – Back That Thang Up (DTS003)
Kazey + Bulldog – Fo Da Real G’s DTS010)
Tactic – Can’t Juke Without Me (DTS-XXX)
Rod Lee – Understand (DTS002)
MOVES!!! – Promise (We almost released this)
Bok Bok – NNTF (DTS012)
Piddy Py – Prickly Rose (DTS007)
Piddy Py – Giggle Riddim (DTS007)
MOVES!!! – All Skate VIP w/ DZ Remix (Original mix appears on DTS009)
Rustie – Throw Some D’s (DTS001)
DJ Deeon – Like We Do (DTS006)
DJ Deeon – The Chase (Demo)
Pistol Pete – Knuck If You Buck (DTS001)
Rustie – Lean Wit It (DTS001)
DJ Deeon – Put It In Yo Mouth (DTS006)