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Mixin’ It Up: Kingdom

Oct 23 2009


Mix of the year? Let’s give it up for Kingdom!

Kingdom is a Brooklyn-based producer and DJ whose signature sets and productions have been gathering a following since he released his first mixtape in 2006.

“For this mix I wanted to showcase tracks that moved me physically and emotionally, and tracks that represent the new sound aesthetic of a small unit of future-minded DJs worldwide. Syncopated drums, heavy bass, and female vocals can be found throughout the mix, including several original tracks, remixes, and edits that were created while making the mix. This mix is also a prequel to my first official release which will be out via Fools Gold and Acephale next month.

Download: Kingdom – Mix for Discobelle, Oct 09 (zShare) (alt link)

1) Kingdom – Wine & Stomp (Intro)

Dark trancehall you can wine your waist and stomp your feet to.

2) Jam City – In the Park (Kingdom Refix ft. Allure)

Jam City is a new London-based producer who is making very open-minded club music. I added some bass drops and vocals from the acapella of R&B group Allure’s 1998 hit “Head Over Heels.”

3) Bok Bok – Ripe Banana

I was staying at Night Slugs HQ in south London when Bok Bok was finishing this track, and I would wake up to the subs pumping this track each morning. I think it’s imprinted in my subconscious because I am transported every time I hear it. 10 out of 10.

4) L-Vis 1990 – United Groove (Kingdom Remix)

This remix will be released on the United Groove remix EP, out next month on Mad Decent. Ethereal vocals and echo pianos drifting over broken drums and trance stabs.

5) Cooly G – Jus Wanna

Cooly G is the most intriguing producer to me at the moment. Her productions are simple, experimental, and entirely unique. On top of that, she does all the vocals on her tracks. So instead of found vocal samples, she is recording her own vocal samples, and the results are incredible.

6) KG – 808

Each time the beat progresses and a new part kicks in, it comes as a welcomed surprise, and when the strings finally break through, it feels like freedom.

7) Roska – Elevated Level (Kingdom Edit ft. Brandy)

It’s an old Roska track at this point, but I play this vocal edit out a lot. This is the track I play when it’s time to bring the energy level up. Even a tiny vocal sample from legendary vocalist Brandy manages to make this track into an anthem.

8) Marcus Price & Carli – Mat, Bira, Kvinnor, Weed (Kingdom Remix)

There are certain tracks that I am magnetized to and have no choice but to remix, even though they didn’t ask for one! This was one of those.

9) Dubbel Dutch – Throwback

Brand new track from Texas’s own Dubbel Dutch. The mixing and compression on this track are so nice. Chopped diva vocals and clean sub-bass. I love the drifting cool-down moment in this track too, and when the breakbeat kicks back in, you know you need to brace yourself for a huge drop.

10) Lil Silva – Different (Kingdom Remix ft. Jazmine Sullivan)

It seems like some of the best UK funky beats are just begging for vocal versions. Here we have a sample of the incomparable Jazmine Sullivan going off over a Lil Silva’s grimey funky banger.

11) DJ Makency – Ragga Jump

My Los Angeles family NGUZUNGUZU and DJ Total Freedom turned me on to tribal guarachero, which is a fusion of tribal house and cumbia, and it has become my favorite genre of late. Intensely syncopated hand percussion mixed with stomping kicks and serious sub-bass. Interestingly this track has a reggae vocal sample on it, adding to the mixup.

12) DJ Alan Rosales – Claps

Another banging tribal guarachero track, this one with an indescribably fluctuating arpeggiated synth lead.

13) KS-20 – Fun-key (Instrumental)

KS-20 is a Japanese baile funk producer (!?) who incorporates influences of classic house and dubstep to his tracks. This is an instrumental dubplate he made for me of one of the tracks I heard on his MySpace player. The kids go off vogueing to this one.

14) Lil Silva – Pulse vs. Flex

I got into this track hearing it played by Bok Bok and L-vis 1990 last year, and I am still obsessed. It combines the bass from Musical Mob’s grime classic “Pulse X” with Silva’s signature “acoustic” snares and hi-hats. That persistent hissing open hi-hat that never closes is so unique to this track.

15) Kingdom – Mindreader ft. Shyvonne (Bok Bok Remix)

I’m really looking forward my first release. We have remixes from Todd Edwards, L-Vis 1990, and this dark-drone-triplet-garage banger of a remix from Bok Bok.

16) Lenny Fonata – Spirit of the Sun (Bump & Flex Mix)

Give me classic 2-step with organ bass and diva vox and I’m all good.

17) DJ Corlando – Passa Passa (Kingdom Remix)

This is a kuduro remix I made for my set at Night Slugs last year. I finally finished it while making this mix. By the end of it, it’s a totally different track, with a pleading Keyshia Cole sample near the end.

18) Kingdom – YOU

This is the B-side to my upcoming Fools Gold / Acephale release. Bubbling-trance with an SWV sample on helium.

19) Terror Danjah – With U ft. Shola Ama

Rhythm & grime was my favorite sub-genre. The soulful side of grime that never got enough shine. I’m still upset it didn’t yield big chart hits. Davinche and Terror Danjah were working with Sadie and Shola Ama, and the results were mind-bogglingly beautiful. This skittery track from 2004 reminds me of the innovation and elegance of Timbaland’s early work with Aaliyah. Terror and the sisters Ama are apparently linking up again, so I’m hopeful.

20) Young Dot – DPM Remix / Threat Misses – Juke Ya Girl (Kingdom Remix)

A shorter version of this blend was on my first mixtape in 2006. I recently revisited it and expanded it, adding melodies and drums.

21) The Dream – Fancy

The Dream and Tricky Stewart are the most important R&B production team in America right now. The way the track slowly builds and the details in the arrangement are truly amazing. Listen to this track on your mobile phone on top of a mountain in the desert for best results.”