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The Mystery Mix Competition

Nov 9 2009

mystery mix cover

Discobelle.net and DJ Neoteric present… THE MYSTERY MIX!

What happens when you unleash a MONSTER of a mixtape, filled with unreleased tracks from many of the biggest names and labels in the game, and a few unknown future stars? Generally everyone hits Google in a frenzied attempt to track down the whole playlist. But, what if one had to do more work to find out just what these tracks were? Welcome to The Mystery Mix, an internet scavenger hunt for music fiends!

The hunt for the tracklist of The Mystery Mix starts today and continues until the puzzle is solved. Over time, we will be revealing clues to help listeners figure out the tracklisting. For example, we may twitter a YouTube clip of one of the songs being played live, or drop a hint within a blog post on Discobelle. You may find a mention about a song in question on the website of one of the labels involved, or have to go digging around MySpace or Facebook to find the answer you’re looking for!

As fun as this is for any die hard music fan, we’ve got to reward you for all your hard work, so we have put together a massive prize pack for the winner! We have a $100 gift certificate from the fine folks at Mishka NYC, and a brand new Sony Ericsson W995 cell phone, courtesy of Sony Ericsson!!



1. Download the Mystery Mix (direct link) (alt mediafire link file should be 88.6 MB and 77:25 in length)
2. Do some investigating and start piecing the tracklist together
3. Send your complete tracklisting to mysterymix@discobelle.net. The first fully correct answer wins the prize!

Mystery Mix Tracklist

01. Track 1 (0:05 – 2:30)
02. Track 2 (2:31 – 5:49)
03. Track 3 (5:50 – 9:07)
04. Track 4 (9:08 – 12:35)
05. Track 5 (12:36 – 15:07)
06. Track 6 (15:08 – 17:19)
07. Track 7 (17:20 – 19:37)
08. Track 8 (19:38 – 21:51)
09. Track 9 (21:52 – 24:35)
10. Track 10 (24:36 – 26:04)
11. Track 11 (26:05 – 28:29)
12. Track 12 (28:30 -30:29)
13. Track 13 (30:30 – 33:33)
14. Track 14 (33:34 – 36:22)
15. Track 15 (36:23 – 40:24)
16. Track 16 (40:25 – 43:47)
17. Track 17 (43:48 – 47:36)
18. Track 18 (47:37 – 50:50)
19. Track 19 (50:51 – 54:50)
20. Track 20 (54.55 – 58:20)
21. Track 21 (58:21 – 61:18)
22. Track 22 (61:19 – 66:03)
23. Track 23 (66:04 – 67:55)
24. Track 24 (67:56 – 71:00)
25. Track 25 (71:01 – 75:07)
26. Track 26 (75:08 – END)

Now that you’ve got the idea, there’s a bit of info to get you started after the jump:

The Mystery Mix is the brainfart of Vancouver DJ, Producer and A&R Neoteric. Neo’s no stranger to Discobelle, having appeared many times over the years, and is well known for his taste making and forward thinking DJ sets. You may also know him as the A&R for the mighty Dubsided Records, home to Switch, Jesse Rose, Herve and others, among them his first signings; Nadastrom and Renaissance Man. We asked him a few questions in an attempt to figure out how he came up with such an incredible idea.

DB: So what inspired you to put together this Mystery Mix?

NEO: Well, quite frankly, I’m a music junkie and a workaholic, and am constantly on the hunt for new and exciting sounds. Over the years I’ve gotten some amazing demos from doing A&R for Dubsided, and networking with like minded artists from around the world. It’s come to the point where I’ve got more good music than I know what to do with – my sets constantly update, and I really like finding new talent and exposing it the best I can. My past mixes have always included songs well in advance of them catching on, and are generally full of exclusives and tracks from up and coming talent. I decided to do this mix to not only feature big tracks from some huge artists, but to more importantly feature some quality tracks from lesser known producers and remixers.

DB: But why not just release the mix with a tracklisting?

NEO: That’s the easy way! Then the mix is forgotten about shortly after. I wanted to make an interactive challenge for people to really look into who’s making the music, what labels are supporting the artists, and who’s on the come up. Sometimes it’s so easy to just click download, and you learn nothing about the artists who’ve made the tracks. This contest will force you to get familiar with the people making and releasing the music. As a result I hope it brings tons of awareness to the artists, remixers and labels.

DB: So how do you expect people will be able to figure out the tracks, if they are unreleased, or from unknown producers?

NEO: People are up on their tracks these days! There are whole forums dedicated to track IDs, and theres nothing like a youtube clip of a crazy new song to send people into a frenzy. I’ve made sure that almost all of the tracks are from upcoming releases and many are from established, big names and labels in the games. If you’re familiar with many of the artists featured on Discobelle and other blogs you’ll do just fine. Couple that with the clues that we will be dropping over time and it shouldn’t be long before some resourceful person figures it out. I’ll also be sure to keep an eye on the comments on the site and on other forums to get an idea of how people are doing with it. If help is needed, it will come.

DB: Well, where exactly will this help come from?

NEO: Sooo many places! Many of which will be revealed over time, but to start you should certainly check out www.discobelle.net and www.djneoteric.com . From there I’d highly suggest keeping a close eye on our Twitter, Myspace and Facebook pages. Maybe I’ll post a clue in my Facebook status? Maybe we’ll twitter a cryptic clue, or a link you should check out. Maybe there was a track that was previously featured on a Discobelle post? On those sites, you’ll be able to find links to almost every site you’d need to investigate. Here’s a full list of sites you should check out to get you started!