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Nouveau Yorican

Nov 19 2009


Teki Latex, one of the head honchos of the Sound Pellegrino label hit us up about a little teaser for the next release on the label. Essential info to follow below:

“To promote the release of the Nouveau Yorican single “Boriqua” (including remixes by Douster, Harvard Bass and Sandro Silva) on Sound Pellegrino on December 1st, Gina Turner (half of Nouveau Yorican, the other half being Laidback Luke) cooked up this muy caliente house mix…”

Nouveau Yorican – Morena Mix (mixed live by Gina Turner on 2 CDJS and a Rane rotary mixer on Netherland Ave in the Bronx!) (zShare)

Tracklist + some bonus info after the jump.

1.) “La India Con La Voe (Viva Puerto Rico) ” – Masters At Work
2.) “Jacuzzi Games” – Loco Dice
3.) “The Boogieman (Downtown Remix)” – Gucci Vump
4.) “Boriqua (Douster Remix)” – Nouveau Yorican
5.) “The Lick (Derrick Carter Dub Mix) – Samim
6.) “I was drunk ft Noze” – Riva Starr
7.) “Calor en la Discoteca” – Isaac Rodriguez
8.) “Soy Boriqua (Sepa Mix)” – Lucci & Cruz
9.) “Cafe Con Leche” – El Presidente
10.) “Try Yazz” – Two Without Hats
11.) “Bla Bla Bla” – Italoboyz
12.) “Set Me Free (Zombie Disco Squad Remix) – Drop The Lime
13.) “Comandante” – Jay-You & Lazaro Casanova
14.) “The Whole Sh’Bang” (Harvard Bass Remix) – Mom & Dad
15.) “Uno Chico” – Sandro Silva
16.) “Puerto Rico” – Silverius
17.) “BORIQUA” – Nouveau Yorican
18.) “Rawmania” – Solo

The name Nouveau Yorican conjures up visions of dance music truthful to the patterns and grooves of classic house, but done with the technology and sounds of today, in the same way that the Art Nouveau movement used modern materials to forge classic and natural shapes.

Nouveau Yorican is the brainchild of two major players in today’s house scene: the charismatic Gina Turner (also half of powerful DJ duo Staccato) co-produces the sounds and lays down slick vocals while godfather of modern Dutch scene Laidback Luke lends a hand, assuming the role of the quintessential “man in the shadows”. For both of them, this is a small step away from their usual territory towards more jacking sounds reminiscent of the best of golden era Chicago House, with a twist of latin-flavored New York stomp and backed by the discreet presence of the almighty Dutch artillery. A modern take on New York’s Puerto Rican artistic identity seen through the eyes and ears of an asian Dutch house virtuoso and a half-sicilian/half-latino part-time NYC, part-time LA resident? This is our version of the Puerto Rican house renaissance.

“Boriqua“ ties in to the Sound Pellegrino collection through a common bond to the great tradition of jacking house. “In the Beginning there was Jack, and Jack had a groove”, that groove is the common ground for a lot of today’s electronic artists no matter what direction they chose to take of whatever micro-genre they claim to represent. Combining synth stabs with elegant retro vibes, “Boriqua“ will please those in search of the most purist Chicago sound while clearly having the sonic firepower and modern crisp production it takes to find its way into every major DJ’s playlist. Plus Gina’s sensual spanish vocals will have all the fly ladies dig in their closet for that old “butter pecan” Wu Tang tee shirt.

Remixing “Boriqua“ is a challenging exercise, which Sound Pellegrino alumni Douster, Sandro Silva and Harvard Bass all executed brilliantly, each putting forward a different aspect of the track and merging it with their world. Douster manages to keep it sexy and minimal while taking it to the underground caves where the warp zone between Lyon and Buenos Aires is hidden, and where dinosaurs carry guns like in Jurassic Park IV. Sandro Silva unleashes the heavy dutch lazerfest on top of a groovy rickety carnival beat (expect more Sound Pellegrino action from Sandro in the near future). The Harvard Bass version brings back sweaty disco images from our childhood through a symphony of synthetic strings of life, swiftly mutating into a massive electro house banger. A little something for everyone, and lots of Boriqua love.

Teki Latex.