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Acid Washed

Nov 23 2009


Parisian mystery duo Acid Washed releases their debut single “General Motors, Detroit, America” today (on Record Makers) and we have the Gavin Russom (of DFA fame) remix of the flipside track “Snake” which also features a dynamic performance from Berlin based vocalist Barbara Panther. Gavin gives us a throbbing and cowbellfilled 8 minute long latinhouse/disco remix.

Acid Washed – Snake (Gavin Russom remix) (YSI)

Acid Washed – Snake (Gavin Russom remix) (zShare)

BONUS 1: The folks at Record Makers were kind enough to give us a bonus in the form of a contest where the prices are the new Acid Washed 12″ single “General Motors, Detroit, America” and the recent DJ Turzi 12″ single “Buenos Aires”. Just send us the answer to this question “What other Parisian duo has done a remix for the new Acid Washed single?”

BONUS 2: The video for the main single track.