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Peanuts Club remix contest winner

Nov 26 2009


Here we go – we know that a bunch of you readers have been waiting for this – the results of the “Peanuts Club” remix contest that we did together with Turbo Recordings!

Congratulations to Monsieur Monsieur, the unanimous winner of the Turbo Peanuts Club Remix Contest! The French duo gets a Turbo “Pro DJ” subscription, a feature and interview on the Turbo site, and warm wishes of encouragement from everyone who lost.

Noob & Brodinski – Peanuts Club (Monsieur Monsieur Remix) (direct link)

Details after the jump.

The winner was selected by a jury consisting of Brodinski, Noob, Thomas Von Party and Mike Mind. In keeping with Turbo’s commitment to Transparency in Music, here are the jury’s ballots, accompanied by thoughts from the voters. It’s a fascinating look into the minds of people who would willingly spend hours of their lives vetting remix contest entries.

Overall Results:

1. Monsieur Monsieur
2. Zhao
3. Ricorb
4. Funkstar
5. Eye Whiteley

Honorable Mentions:

Bananas in the Peanut Club Modified Noise Remix
Mattanoll Remix
Buttonmasher Remix

Brodinski’s Top 5

1. Monsieur Monsieur Rmx — Not Because They Are My Friends, they’re amazing. this rmx is the best thing they ever did. it’s simple and SOOO good in the club, sounds crazy. I tested it at Warehouse Project and everyone was asking me what it was after that.

2. Zhao Rmx — Good techno one, production is amazing

3. Funkstar Rmx — Percussion is good as Hell.

4. Nick Cambell Rmx — Bass is cool, it’s a simple and effective one.

5. Deux Helix Rmx — It’s not the best one but the idea is here I’m sure about that. Groovy stuff.

Noob’s Top 5

1. Monsieur Monsieur Rmx — Because its definitely the best ever ..

2. Ricorb Rmx — completely crazy but interesting , i like this one

3. Mattanoll Rmx — nice groove

4. Funkstar Rmx — this one is funny

5. Zhao Rmx — strange but interesting too

Von Party’s Top 5

1. Monsieur Monsieur Remix — I admit… it’s great. A bit ‘standard,’ maybe, but it’s pro…. I heard Matt Walsh play it at Matter and it sounded great. More French people ‘on the scene,’ ooh la la!

2. Ricorb Remix — original, banging, but arrangement is a bit rough…. deserves points for the UUNNGHH breakdown.

3. Bananas in the Peanut Club Modified Noise Remix — (can’t believe Brodi didn’t list this) Peanuts going hip hop makes total sense to me. this was the only one that went in that direction, and I thought it worked.

4. Peanuts Club (Eye Whiteley’s Albert II rmx) — Restrained at parts… nice for a change… has funk…… the dubsteppy bass wasn’t a homerun for me, but the trippier bits kept me interested.

5. Peanuts Club (Zhao Remix) — Almost amazing. I like the swing Mr. ZHAO put in the hook, but the breakdown exposes it in a way that didn’t totally work for me.

Mike Mind’s Top 5

1. Monsieur Monsieur Rmx — Definitely the standout in the bunch and compliments all the ‘official’ remixes on the release! Congrats!

2. Zhao Remix — I love anything that reminds me of Smokebelch iI! Very creative use of the parts. Did not expect to hear many ‘dreamy’ takes on this record.

3. Crude & Conchörd Tropiacal Rmx — Even if it wasn’t my vibe per se, this mix is probably the one that’s most faithful to the parts. One of the most coherent remixes in the bunch.

4. Cid-25 Remix — Remeniscent of old Markus Nicolai records and an era of electro that’s always struck a chord with me. Love it.

5. Eye Whiteley’s Albert II Rmx — An odd combination of Loco Dice style house and Proxy bass that oddly works somehow.

Check back later today to download the winning remix and read the exclusive interview with Monsieur Monsieur!