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Claude Vonstroke Tour blog week 4

Dec 2 2009


Week 4 – Los Angeles

Track of the night – Los Angeles

A lot of big stuff was goin down in LA but this one had the room reachin for it.

Hickup Theme – Hickup – dirtybird (mp3 clip)


LA – Friday after Thanksgiving

Tons of people came out to dance off the stuffing and turkey fat they chowed down the previous day. Big credit to the Compression crew who were kind enough to host our labels on their 4th birthday party.

It was a mostly family based Thanksgiving trip instead of a huge DJ weekend. My brother Alex lives in LA with his whole family. My parents also flew in from Detroit and my sister from Denver. We even had plenty of cousins nephews and nieces to round out the full family experience. All the dirtybird and mothership crew came by the house we rented in Playa Del Rey and we had a huge American Thanksgiving day feast. Turkey, Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry, Mashed Potatoes, green Beans, Pumpkin Pie, etc. etc. Yum.

The next night as we walked down the street to the club I saw the very first magazine I have ever been on the cover of. An english Dj mag called “International DJ” (IDJ). It was very surreal to see my face on the front of a mag and to buy it from the newsstand guy. And of course i bought 4 copies so my mom could be proud.

At the event, the line-up was all my labels with Voodeux (live) & Monty Luke rocking the mothership room and Christian Martin, Justin Martin and myself in the dirtybird room. Everyone played great and it was cool to see that there were some really dedicated Voodeux fans at the show geeking out in the front row while Tanner and James twiddled knobs and made creepy music for the crowd. I heard that Monty Luke had a good room going as well but i couldn’t see him as we were playing at the same time.

Voodeux – Just a Spoonful – mothership – full track free mp3 DL!


In our room Christian opened great, bassy, eclectic and cool. Then Justin Martin followed and went on a rampage – tearing down buildings, making funny faces and destroying the room…leaving me with nothing but rubble and dust to clean up. Even so, everyone stayed 2 hours past the bar closing which is unheard of in the US – so i was able to build a nice house back up from the wreckage. I ended with my new remix of Kenny Larkin on Planet E. The room was so loud the entire stage vibrated like a tuning fork when the bass dropped.

Kenny Larkin – GLOB – Claude VonStroke “71” mix – Planet E (mp3 clip)


Top 5 Hangover cures.

I was definitely hangin with Mr. Cooper the next morning which I am usually very good at avoiding. One of the keys to survival on the road is being able to get up the next morning and function (or just stay up.) Making your flight completely hung over or wasted is an art form all in its own. Her are some tips to stay alive.
1. Drink the same drink all night, preferably with no sugar in it. I drink Vodka Soda which is basically vodka and water. Almost foolproof but often screwed up with Jaeger shots or multiple Red Bulls.
2. Drop 3 Advil before bedtime with some vitamin B and a multivitamin. Even if it doesn’t work you will laugh at your neon yellow pee in the morning.
3. Drink tons of water – even while you are drinking booze and especially before bed. Force that water down!
4. Eat a giant sandwich or room service just before sleeping (not a very good way to stay trim though as i have learned the hard way.) But it taste so gooood.
5. Stay up all night so that by the time you go to breakfast you can just power through the hangover with some pancakes and coffee. Then stay up until you don’t feel drunk anymore.
6. Hair of the dog – the illogical drink to get rid of your hangover. Best drink would be a Bloody Mary with shrimp, celery, olives and a bacon slice. Basically, try to stay drunk. This plan always seems amazing until it ends that afternoon.