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Dec 7 2009


Talented Montreal producer/dj Grahmzilla of Thunderheist fame hit us up with some of his recent efforts. Both the Little Boots with it’s contagious synthline and the electro/dancehall flavored Erup remix has been getting plenty of plays here at Discobelle HQ. Here’s some info from Grahm himself:

“After 9 months of insane touring, we’re finally done promoting the Thunderheist album and I have been getting my remixing on. I want to get back to making club friendly tracks and DJ alot more so I’m making it happen.

The Little Boots remix has been in the works for a long time but I just didnt feel like it was finished until recently. The Erup remix having been released a month ago officially…It was never leaked and I have tweaked it a bit.”

Little Boots – Mathematics (Grahmzilla remix) (direct link)

Erup – Click Mi Finga (Grahmzilla remix) (direct link)