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Dec 9 2009


“Club Animal – Gothenburg, Sweden 2009. BMK (Blandmissbruk) took the stage for their final performance which ended with on-stage tension and backstage drama. It started with too many drinks and a trigger happy partner smashing the beat-repeat function on a Pioneer mixer. It ended in fisticuffs and a lonely drive back to the hood for L.A. Diamond with cash and laptop in hand. Oddly the night ended with the new track “Bounce” which is featured on this single that had the crowd on its feet and in the air (get it on iTunes). This is the beginning of something new with former BMKer L.A. Diamond coming into his own and taking his experiences of living in California and Brazil to the beats. The response from former collaborator, Tjuv, may be in the making but until then only the diamond shines. To quote this track… “Bounce motherfucka”. This release features a Krazy Baldhead-like remix by the techno-vampires Ungt Blod and an Eric B. & Rakim inspired remix by the mysterious Tanimura Midnight. L.A. Diamond is rumored to contain members of New Moscow (who have collaborated with Andreas Tilliander).”

L.A. Diamond – Bounce (direct link)

L.A. Diamond – Bounce (Ungt Blod Remix) (direct link)