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NGDJ Discobelle pick #2

Jan 6 2010


Our second pick in the NGDJ competition is Greg Dona from Panda Toes with his Where the H is BBS?. If you enjoy this mix as much as we do be sure to support him and get him some votes so he can reach the 200 that is need to move forward in the remix competition. There are still time to enter your Letsmix.com mixes and have a chance to get the last Pacemakers we got left.

Where the H is BBS? from Friendly Greg at Letsmix.com.

Also be sure to check out Sal Kirdkin´s (aka Niklas from Discobelle) mix. It’s a killer and have a clue to who will be on Discobelle Records first release. So go vote for that mix too.

Take me to Miami mix from sal_kirdkin at Letsmix.com.