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Times Neue Roman

Jan 19 2010

Times Neue Roman’s “To Die EP” is back from the dead. The band will release: “Zombies: The To Die Remixes” on INTELLEGENIX/ELECTROBOUNCE today. The reworked EP features remixes, edits, sketches and sequels to songs off the original EP as well as a bonus remix of the bands latest single, “Roq Roq”.

Since debuting in 2008, Times Neue Roman have been making big waves. Even while breaking every rule of song writing and conventional structure, TNR’s popular potential is confirmed by recent placements on the EA Sports video game, Fight Night: Round 4 and TV series like CSI: Las Vegas, A&E’s The Cleaner, MTV Presents: Summer Sessions and 11th Hour.

Go buy it on Itunes.

Times Neue Roman – Record Store (Makeshift Remix) (direct link)