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We Collect Enemies

Feb 20 2010

Glen Brady AKA DJ Wool (also 1/2 of The Glass + Plant Music and fellow Awesome Agency member) is a solid guy and a great dj so when we got wind of this upcoming project of his, we were very excited. Glen is starting up a new label called We Collect Enemies together with some folks he knows in the music industry, well it’s not just anyone but Andrew Phillpott (Depeche Mode writer/producer and Daryl Bamonte (Depeche Mode, The Cure). They’re putting together what looks set to be some interesting releases including Phillpott’s and Brady’s own material under the monikers Das Shadow and DJ Wool aswell as other artists such as first signing Broad Bean Band. We have a video teaser of the first single on the label, “Slew” from Das Shadow will be released on March 8th and comes backed with remixes from Wool himself, Jaimie Fanatic and more. We also have a DJ Wool mix that includes lots of upcoming material from the label.

Tracklist for the mix after the jump.

Compact Space – Push Push – Das Shadow’s In The Bush Remix
Utku Dalmaz – Don’t Get Lost – Ahmet Sendil Remix
DJ Wool feat Cerebral Vortex – Magic Carpet – Acapella – Snippet
Bingo Players – Blurr
DJ Wool – Watch This – Snippet
Daliano – Baaz in de Club – Kid Kaio & Lucky Charmes Remix
Saeed Younan – Backroom Honey
In Flagranti – Ex Ex Ex – DJ Wool Remix
Passion Pit – Little Secret – Jaymo and Andy George Remix
Greg Delon – Cesar – Koletzki & Meindl Mix
Wolfgang Gartner – Latin Fever
Rejected – Let’s Go Juno – Harvard Bass Chords Edit
Festival in Saturn – John Shelvin
Derlikt Freddie – Boys & Girls – DJ Wool Remix
DJ Wool – The Dark Snuggler – Snippet
Das Shadow – Slew – Jaimie Fanatic’s Amsterdam Mix
Smalltown Romeo – Boom Ha – DJ Wool Dub & Remix
Das Shadow – The Bunk – Snippet