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Teddybears – Cho Cha Rock

Mar 17 2010

It’s Wednesday and time for the second edition of the Teddybears remix/mash-up series in anticipation of their upcoming “Devil’s Music” album.

“This time Teddybears got Gnarls Barkley’s Cee-Lo Green singing about his cat…or is he talking about something else? The beat sounds familiar…Is it Coxsone Dodd’s crown jewel – Real Rock, Augustos Pablo? Armagideon Time? And as if that wasn’t enough to get you motor revving, none other than the luscious vixens Kate & Cindy of the B 52’s throw in some moaning and groaning and miiiaowing for good measure and Fred Schneider sings a verse about how his kitty is so soft and sweet and warm and fuzzy…How about that for a double entendre?

Does all this sound confusing to you? Far-fetched? Psycho? It’s all as natural and fresh as a spring breeze though, in the wonderful universe of Teddybears.”