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Mixin’ It Up: Slap & Dash

Mar 26 2010

One of the most anticipated Mixin’ It Ups (well, for us anyway) has finally arrived, Slap & Dash (AKA Scattermish & Mu-Gen from the Scattermusic crew down in Melbourne) brings us a hyped up monster of a mix that clocks in at 64 tracks all rolled into one tight as hell and unstoppable party inducing mix. Throw this on and get ready for the ride of your life!

“Hyping from Melbourne Slap and Dash (Mu-Gen & Scattermish) are leading the charge of young Australian club rats into the future of DJ shows and production. Since becoming blood brothers in 2008 they have spent their time in Scatters dingy garage studio organising; a world class record label SCATTERMUSIC with Lewis CanCut and Mat Cant, planning ridiculous club shows that have hosted some of the biggest names in the world, avoiding stepping on painful Lego blocks sprawled around the floor, scouring the earth to find new talent and music, killing spiders, and generally being besties.”

This mix is a great example of the bat shit crazy live shows we put together, backed up by dancers, costumes and a killer VJ all mixed live on four Technics 1200’s. We really tried to translate the energy of our show here, and give the listener the best opportunity to understand where club music culture is going in Melbourne at the moment. Our sound is very original, very party and very ghetto. We try not to use ‘the big tunes’ and instead create a ‘big mix’ utilising the massive amount of underrepresented music from all over the globe available to us. No computer layers were used to do it, it’s 100% live using 4 decks, two mixers, Serato and Traktor (vinyl). With the best takes pasted together.

1 Slap & Dash – Hare
2 Tranter – Pon De Baby

Our intro is essentially based around Tranter’s (his EP is due out next on Scattermusic) mammoth “Pon De Baby” joint. He played it at a festival early this summer and when we heard and saw how the crowd reacted to that 50cent 808 sped up, our jaws dropped. The after thought to the intro was our tune “Hare” – to be released as part of a Slap & Dash DJ Tools EP. It’s everything we love, a ruff distorted drum roll, a bunch of horns (from Herve’s Badman Riddim) and a huge synth build which runs for ~2 mins till the end of the song.

3 Sam Tiba – Barbie Weed
4 Douster – Schlaggada (Swaggada edit)
5 Ronny Santana – En La Nalga (On The Arse) feat. Jordy
6 Laidback Luke & Diplo – Hey (Skitzofrenix & Jeff Doubleu Remix)

Wasting no time, the mix jumps straight into Ghetto-Hype music. Carried by Sam Tiba’s (seriously him and Club Cheval are a name to look out for with this sound) Barbie Weed, with added bounce from another favourite of ours, Douster. Then Ronny Santana and Luke & Diplo for an old school cut-up sample drop.

7 Passion Pit – Little Secrets (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
8 R1 Ryders – Rubberband
9 CLP – Ready Or Not (Diplo vs DJ Sega Remix)

L-Vis’s euphoric remix of Little Secrets help us settle the mix down and get things moving – tune is so smooth. The mix of R1 Ryders and CLP is the only bit of our older mix that we still use. That bass sound that just instantly reminds you of R1 Ryders is so completely infectious, we can’t imagine getting tired of it. And that “Ready Or Not” tune seemed to be totally slept on, where did it come from and where did it go?

10 Bassjackers & Jorn – 16 (Sidney Samson Remix)
11 French Fries – African Track

Sidney Samson has really proven himself to be more than a one hit wonder – his remix of “16” is so heavy and so rolling. The hooky, cut-up vocals from French Fries’ “African Track” helps get your hands up.

12 Zombies For Money – Bhangra Dance
13 Leon & Ruggero – Shake Crazy Horse (Mastiksoul Bump Remix)

The Zombies For Money free EP was a project close to our own hearts, “Bhangra Dance” definitely a favourite track off it. It’s almost surprising how much people love the tune out live too. The screwed Beastie Boys sample from Mastiksoul’s remix help tie it all in.

14 Afrojack, David Guetta – Toyfriend (Instrumental)
15 French Fries – Senta

Afrojack stepped up Guetta’s game for this one! The is kinda so typical Afrojack/Dutch; an obnoxious high pitched synth, and a huge kick,but fuck, it’s sooo Ghetto! Again French Fries comes to town with great cuts and drums (be sure to check out his remix for Scattermusic’s fourth release: DirtyBeats – “Alone In The Jungle” out march 30th).

16 DirtyBeats – Alone In The Jungle (Tom Piper Remix)
17 ICS – Emil
18 MVSEVM – French Jeans (Style of Eye Remix)

On that note, we just couldn’t resist including the party as hell Tom Piper remix of DirtyBeats – this tune gets people running to our computer screens everytime it’s played and mixed with the evolving bassline in ICS’ Emil and the epic Style of Eye MVSEVM Remix (Discobelle Records BOOOOM!) the section stands out of one of our favourites of the whole mix.

19 Count & Sinden – Strange Things (R1 Ryders ‘Funkitek’ Remix)
20 Tim Dolla – Let’s Bang
21 Jesse Rose – Youre All Over My Head

This whole section (including the above one) really epitomizes the tip that we’re on at the moment. It’s current and a bit Techy, there’s bassline, Hype drums and quick jump up vocal hooks. On top of that, the sound feels like songs rather than straight-up club tunes – it’s all about the arrangement and energy. As for the individual tracks; R1 Ryders dominate that bassline again, Tim Dollar tune is a gem from a trade, cutting up Kid Sister to great effect and Jesse Rose’s old Dubsided release fits in so well to a current sound – again proving how far ahead of their time some of those Dubsided releases were.

22 French Fries – Predador
23 Lucid – Night Go

MORE French Fries (that “Arma EP” was off the hook!) along with a newcomer from Melbourne, Lucid with his rad-as track Night Go, soon to be released on an EP for Scattermusic. Our crew is really feeling a connection in sound to the Young Gunz guys from France. Proven here in a very “Dirty-Hype” mix from tunes of each respective label.

24 Nadastrom – Inner Midget
25 Berou and Canblaster – Kapongo Dance
26 Diplo And Blaqstarr – Get Off (Bonus Beats)
27 Douster – King Of Africa

This whole section is a real hat off to our Hip Hop upbringing and influence. We know playing that card is really cliché, but we really try to incorporate elements of Hip Hop from the style in which we DJ to the way we produce and sample, to the tracks that we choose and how we mix them. Kapongo Dance is another gem from Club Cheval’s Berou and Canblaster. Then a long Hype mix of Get Off and Douster’s King Of Africa (you guys peeped the VIP mix of that yet? Shiiiiit.)

28 Nadastrom – Squarez
29 Momma’s Boy – Maldito Nino (Tom Flynn’s Big Momma Remix)
30 The Big Pink – Dominos (Switch Remix)
31 Lil Silva – Different

Nadastrom’s Squarez is such a huge tune that it’s almost hard to match when finding a track to mix. Tom Flynn’s version of Maldito Nino manages to bring the goods with those tribal drums, allowing for the ballistic drunken remix by Switch (still the hottest producer in the world) of the Big Pink and the warm, droney tones of Lil Silva’s “Different”.

32 Jesse Rose – Well Now
33 Damian Marley – All Night
34 Radioclit – Divine Gosa (Switch Remix)

Although most of these tunes are quite old, the sound is something in itself. This section really shows off the use and advantage of 4 turntables – everything plays at once and has been rearranged live to fit, something that isn’t possible on 2. Well Now, All Night and Divine Gosa all work together to sound kinda pop-y, but at the same time club and real, real fun.

35 Rivastarr ft Noze – I Was Drunk (Douster Remix)
36 Al Ripken Jr & Diamond K – Hands In The Air (Bok Bok Remix)
37 Crookers – Put Your Hands On Me (BeatauCue Remix)

Somehow we manage to move into a happy Balkan Douster remix and then to a balls out bassline (Beataucue’s Crookers remix) featuring chants from the awesome Bok Bok remix of “Hands In The Air” which runs the whole length of this section. Like the “Get Off” section and the “Lions” section below, we treat this as a kinda remix – with a base song and about 2-4 other tracks mixed around and over it.

38 Digital Manges – Manges (Sharkslayer Dub Mix)
39 Klingberg – T (Dave Darell Remix)

This mix of the still huge Sharkslayer Digital Manges remix and Dave Darell’s “T” remix would have to be a contender for the most ecstatic party section of the whole mix. The builds are spastic and the massive drop of both tunes together carries them to say the least – so carnival and so club.

40 Malente & Dex ft New Kidz – Lions (Douster Remix)
41 Gregor Salto ft. Thais – Mexer (Funkin Matt 3AM Remix)
42 Rishi Romero – African Forest
43 Christian Dehugo – Viva El Cante

As we mentioned above, this is another song/remix section. Our much-loved Douster “Lions” remix runs close to the whole length of these blends. “African Forest”, “Mexer” and “Viva El Cante” which were all huge club tunes in their own right come together to form one tight, evolving mix.

44 Buraka Som Sistema – IC19 (James Talk Remix)
45 Deadset – Tick Tock
46 Harry Choo Choo Romero – Cumbia (Jose Nunez Cumbia Electronika)

The claps from “Viva El Cante” carry over into the James Talk “IC19” remix (so underrated), for a really South American/Portuguese/Samba feel. The Jose Nunez remix of “Cumbia” caries it further into this modern carnival world.

47 Erick Rincon – Magdalena (Exclusiva Gales)
48 Arthur Baker -Tear Down The Walls (SonicC Remix)

Magdalena keeps it real tribal, from Erick Rincon – a 17yr old king of the Mexican Tribal Guarachero sound. SonicC manages to turn a bassline into Tropical/Carnival – this remix is an unexpected favourite of his for us– so different to all his other stuff, yet so on point.

49 The Partysquad – Pull Up
50 Shaun D – Mad Drumz
51 Mat Cant & Scattermish – Hornbo (Sticky K remix)

Pull Up and Shaun D’s “Mad Drumz” seem to fit so well together that we almost find it hard to listen to them separately anymore. Both tunes will make any other tune you mix with them sound hype. When added with all the horns of Stiky K’s “Hornbo” remix (a Scattermusic hit) is gets pretty ballistic.

52 Ku Bo – Sumanita Feat. Daniecell (Daniel Haaksman Remix)
53 Spencer And Hill – Cool (Afrojack Remix)
54 Laidback Luke, Diplo – Hey (Dre Skull Remix)
55 Tom Stephan – Turn That Shit Up (Diplo Remix)

“Cool”, arguably one of the biggest club tunes of 2009 is used here to subtle effect (if that’s possible) over Daniel Haaksman’s (who’s production keeps getting better) remix of Ku Bo. When Diplo’s “Turn That Shit Up” and Dre Skulls underrated “Hey” remix pop together it’s a sure thing that crowds start jumping again.

56 DJ Tameil – Back It Up And Dump It pt. 2
57 Busy Signal – Da Style Deh (Douster Dagga Remix)

Last time Douster’s “Dagga Remix” was played there was literally a wild brawl of daggering around the stage. DJ Tameil’s “Back It Up” makes it even more buck wild crazy.

58 Iz̩ РTronku Di Mundo
59 Malente & Dex – Gipsy Kings (feat. Analogik)
60 Major Lazer x Afrojack x Partysquad – Hold The Line (Douster Hold The Drop Edit)

The Izé tune is a tribute to the kinda Kuduro we get down to. A weird synth hook, those hectic, hypnotic Kuduro drums/rhythm and all of a sudden you’re in a trance. Then there’s a mix of Gipsy House flavours from Malente & Dex that sounds strange but sits right. Finishing off this section is the “Hold The Line” Douster remix which has been dropped at least 200 times by Scatterblog DJ’s in the past year. Thank you royalties (10% please Hugo)

61 Twist It! – Funky Monkey
62 Modeselektor – Turn Deaf
63 Karen O the Kids – Capsize
64 Berou and Canblaster – Terrance Hill (Club Cheval All-Stars Remix)

To move from party music to a musical outro is the ultra weird but ultra cool “Funky Monkey” by Twist It!. When the looped monkey noises and Modeselektor get going the mood has changed dramatically. Capsize, from Karen O’s amazing “Where The Wild Things Are OST” makes you feel like a little kid again. Then the blend of the Cheval All-Stars remix of Berou and Canblaster pulls everything back a bit club, taking us out on a smooth eclectic note.”

Download: Slap & Dash – Mixin’ It Up for Discobelle, March 2010 (zShare)