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Dada Life North American Tour Blog #2

Apr 9 2010

We’re easygoing people. We only want two things on our rider: champagne & bananas. (Just look how happy Stefan is above.) Did San Diego deliver? Oh, yes.

After flying south from Vancouver we found ourselves in sunny San Diego and the great club Voyeur. When we got to the DJ-booth the nice guys and gals at Voyeur had placed 30 crates of bananas all over the place! And the champagne was flowing like champagne should…

OK, for the record we also want “the usual stuff” on our rider. Think beers and general liquor and maybe a towel. (But compared to other extravagant riders in this business we still think we’re on the humble side.)

Banana Pie

Tip to other promoters: it’s easy to make us happy. We like red meat too! For dinner that is. Not in the DJ-booth.

Yes, this Dada Life North American Tour – turned food journey! – is just getting better and better. After heading south from Vancouver and their worlds-best-sushi (and the burgers in San Diego) we found ourselves in Los Angeles and at a hotel we’ve stayed at a few times. The place in itself is nothing special…but only a few hundred metres away lies this great mexican place called Pinches Tacos that we’ve probably been to 15 times now. Fashionable Nobu also lies a few hundred metres away, but in the other direction. We haven’t been there yet.


That mexican food was way better than the greasy stuff our friend Mr Jaso just had to introduce us to when we’re going back from the gig in OC yesterday. We tried to get the limo (we’re posh for a change!) to go into the drive-through of Del Taco but it just didn’t fit.

Del Taco

Instead we asked Jaso to buy everything he wanted – and then triple it. We ended up with cheese burgers, fries, soft tacos, a burrito (and some more stuff we can’t remember right now). Times three. Greasy. The driver didn’t look happy.


Besides the eating we’re just ready to release our new single. It’s called “Cookies With A Smile” and remixes come from Francesco Diaz & Young Rebels as well as swedish Avicii. We tried it among the pile of bananas in San Diego and it went down just fine. Until next time…

Oh, by the way…We just learned that Pinches Tacos means Fucking Tacos. That place just grows in so many ways.