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Apr 15 2010

In San Francisco we decided we wanted meat before the gig. Loads of meat. Smoked and spicy…mmmmm. That was a really bad idea.

The gig in SF was at a indie-rock-club. We’re always afraid of those kind of places. Sometimes they’re the best parties, but sometimes they’re just wrong.

We needed strength. So we went for a hair-cut and some greasy food. Lucky us we we’re staying in the Tenderloin-district of San Francisco where it’s easy to find a cheap barbershop. 10 bucks. That’s actually the next cheapest place we’ve been to in America. (The record is still held by a well-dressed gentleman on a back street in Salt Lake City. 8 dollar!)


After that straight to the BBQ. Ribs, corn muffins, coleslow, beef brisket…yeah, the whole experience…and then straight to the club. We went on stage and after one song the crowd stormed the stage. We looked to each other and was like “what the fuck is this smell?”, until we realized it was us. Sorry San Francisco. The party turned out to be one of the greatest of the tour, and the stage was completely crowded. The only thing that held people back was our BBQ-breath…

The minute we stopped playing Stefan ran for the toilet and emptied his BBQ-stomach, fountain-style.

We learned a lesson. The hard way.

San Francisco

The rest of the tour we only had salad before the gigs. Fresh and green. Clean.

Press fast forward: Control at Avalon in LA was great… Beta in Denver too…and now we’re on our way home for this time.

The studio is calling. The kitchen too.