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Kingdom – April Fools Gold Part 2 Mixtape

Apr 16 2010

Kingdom just made this mixtape for the LuckyMe Mix series, seems like the weekend is saved.

“Back when MySpace was really fucking exciting, Eclair Fifi added a then ‘DJ Ezra aka KINGDOM’ who we bugged for his flip of Bustas ‘Eyes Can See’. We made some swaps and stayed in touch and when we toured the US in late 08 Kingdom came down and we finally met in person right before we blew up the amp in Nu Blu. Jump forward to April 2010 and Kingdom is down with our peoples at Night Slugs (THE TRUTH!!!!) and has put out his first cerftified anthem in the form of his debut 12” – “Mindreader” ft Shyvonne (Fools Gold Records). With two European tours in 4 months, Miami Winter Music, SXSW, tours of OZ and Radio One shine – man it’s looking like this is gonna be the year that Kingdom gets what he’s due. His sensibility is perfect. Back in like, February I think it was we played this show for Last.Fm at Cargo which wrapped up about 4 and then we slogged up to the Egg at Kings Cross for the Night Slugs label launch. By the time we got there the smoke was thick in the air and the crowd were grindin on each other. The booth was a who’s-who of shit we’re excited about right now: Bok Bok, L Vis, Mosca, Greena, Jam City, Ikonika, and Manara on the mic. Then this dancing shape from out the smoke takes to the booth and it’s Kingdom, banging out steel drums on some CD-R carnivale. My memory of that night is buckafast-hazey but just in terms of vibe, Kingdom was the most satisfyingly ‘on my own shit’ DJ I’ve seen in ages. Every success this year killer. Thank you for the mix. You’ve been busy.”

Kingdom – April Fools Gold Part 2 Mixtape (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump.

01. Egyptrixx – Everybody Bleeding (Kingdom Remix ft. Shyvonne)
02. Marlon D – Funky Angel (Edit ft. Lumidee)
03. Cooly G – Weak
04. DJ Clock – My Feelings
05. Roska – I Need Love (ft. Anesha)
06. Mike Q – Master Blaster 2009
07. Mike Q – Bring You Up
08. DJ Abis – My Derb
09. DJ Otto – Soy El Diablo
10. Girl Unit – I.R.L.
11. No Lay – Unorthodox Daughter (Kingdom Remix)
12. Shareefa – Hustlin’
13. Erykah Badu – Bag Lady (Girl Unit Juke Mix)
14. DJ Pierre – Baby Talk
15. Kingdom – Red Baron Juke
16. Gremino – Let’s Jack
17. Plasticman – White Gloves
18. Ciara – Speechless (ft. The-Dream)