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WHITE LIGHT 24 – Rory Phillips

May 4 2010

Here’s the latest edition of the White Light series from the amazing Rory Phillips!

“Made in a windowless room on a sunny afternoon in London with two turntables, a box of records and little regard for beatmatching. Contains drum machines, 80s extended mixes, squealing synths, soundtracks and lashings of analogue delay.”

WHITE LIGHT 24 – Rory Phillips (direct link)

Tracklist after the jump:

Detachments – Fear No Fear (Naum Gabo Mix)
The Splash Band – Die Klapperschlange
Visage – We Move (dance mix)
Grace Jones – Nipple to the Bottle
Honeymoon Killers – Histoire a Suivre
Kameleon – Génocide Généthliaque
Jackpot – Greased Lightning (Rory Phillips mix)
Ciccone Youth – Making the Nature Scene
Yellow Magic Orchestra – 1000 Knives
Sexual Harrasment – I Need a Freak
The Dance – In Lust
Material – Secret Life
Heaven 17 – Play to Win (dub)
Thompson Twins – Desert Dancers (remix)
Talking Heads – Slippery People (Jellybean extended mix)