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Frenzy 2 Rave Edition

May 16 2010

“So it’s finally arrived, the follow up to The Frenzy! I’m really excited that I get to finally share this with everyone, it feels like this mix has been through hell and back… I started it almost a year ago and would work on it periodically for a few months here and there. When it was finally getting close to done, I found myself unhappy with a few chunks and went into more editing. By the time I finished editing and was happy with it, it for some reason would not render off my computer. It was just stuck there and I couldn’t find the corrupt files within this mayhem of waves for the life of me. I let it sit for another few months until I realized how much room it was actually taking up on my studio computer. So I said, that’s it, I either render or it, or delete it. With that, I gave it some patience/TLC and within a few days, BOOYA! I FINALLY got it!

Hope you guys enjoy it!”

Drastik – Frenzy 2 Rave Edition (mediafire)