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New Noise

May 29 2010

During my high school years i must have seen Refused at least 20 times, and listened to their epic album “The Shape Of Punk To Come” an uncountable number of times. Now, 12 years later, Epitaph are releasing a deluxe edition of the album that made a stunning impact on people all over the world. June 9th sees the release and in the meantime here’s the Bloody Beetroots vs. Refused remix version of that anthem “New Noise”.

Bloody Beetroots vs. Refused – New Noise (direct link)

11 thoughts on “New Noise

  1. Anonymous

    where can we get our stinking mits on this track!? Its huge!

  2. Dj merci

    This is SO LAME!
    Refused is a cult band with cult songs.
    Bloody Beetroots is just confirming themselves as the most tasteless remixer in the world again!
    Funny though that Refused didn’t make any money back then, and that 10 yrs later, they reissue (2nd time i think) this album, and get remixed by the most expensive and popular (and bad) electro act around!!!! Life is just not fair! :-)

  3. Anonymous

    wow. – i think that beef theatre remix of “worms…” was waaay better than this.

    come on guys.
    want to prove your punk cred?

    do a GOOD remix.

  4. Dj Minkus

    This is garbage. Bloody Beatroots once again fuck a song up royally. Just makes me want to hear the original.

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