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Rebecca & Fiona – Luminary Ones (video)

Jun 3 2010

“A common interest in great music brought these two electric souls together. Rebecca Scheja and Fiona FitzPatrick not only rule the Stockholm club scene – they scream, with nominations and awards in 2009 for DJs of the year and Best Club Hosts, a devout army of followers, and one of Sweden’s most popular blogs.

And now they are spreading their effervescent wings to the great dance venues of Scandinavia.

Don’t let their beauty and glamorous public life-styles deceive you. Rebecca and Fiona are devout musicians who spend more time carving out loops in basement recording studios than sloshing about champagne in fashionable nightclubs, and their unique mix of hardcore club stomp and esoteric daguero beats will mesmerize even the most skeptical misogynist.”

Pick up the “Luminary Ones” EP here.