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Holiday for Strings

Jun 20 2010

Holiday for Strings new album Favorite Flavor out now on gatefold Lp and Cd. The band celebrates by releasing a brand new video for the single Two of You, as well as giving away a Remix pack!

Holiday for Strings is a collaboration between John from Peter, Bjorn and John, as well as producer Pony from Thieves Like Us, and together with 3 former chefs they make dreamy, spacious, experimental pop.

Favorite Flavor is a 47 minute magic carpet ride, sometimes dynamic and lush, sometimes sparse and funky. The album is out now on Sea You Records.

Two of You (direct link) – is the fast punky single off the album, now reworked with an even harder punch and a “walk on the wild side”-break in the middle, complete with monkey drums.

Unwilling/Not able (direct link) – in a rough, lo-fi boogie funk interpretation, nice tape hiss on there too!

Calling Out of Context (direct link) – Arthur Russell’s original is covered on the album, but is here reworked into a 70’s New York smelling, Studio-inspired, ethnic, disco track.

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